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Found 20 results

  1. Hello. I have tried to edit a script found in another topic to suit my needs but i can't get it to work the way i want to. layer2dwg (defun c:lsave(/ actDoc layCol docName dwgName actSel fCount) (vl-load-com) (defun BrowseFolder (/ ShlObj Folder FldObj OutVal) (vl-load-com) (setq ShlObj (vla-getInterfaceObject (vlax-get-acad-object) "Shell.Application" ) Folder(vlax-invoke-method ShlObj 'BrowseForFolder 0 "Select Folder to create files" 0) ) (vlax-release-object ShlObj) (if Folder (progn (setq FldObj (vlax-get-property Folder 'Self) OutVal (vlax-get-property FldObj 'Path) ) (vlax-release-object Folder) (vlax-release-object FldObj) OutVal ) ) ) (setq actDoc(vla-get-ActiveDocument (vlax-get-acad-object)) actSel(vla-get-ActiveSelectionSet actDoc) layCol(vla-get-Layers actDoc) docName(vla-get-Name actDoc) fCount 0 ); end setq (if (setq wntPath (BrowseFolder)) (progn (vlax-for lay layCol (setq layName(vla-get-Name lay) dwgName (strcat wntPath "\\" (vl-filename-base docName) " - " layName ".dwg") ); end setq (vla-clear actSel)(vla-erase actSel) (vla-Select actSel acSelectionSetAll nil nil (vlax-safearray-fill (vlax-make-safearray vlax-vbInteger '(0 . 0)) '( ) ; end vla-safearray-fill (vlax-safearray-fill (vlax-make-safearray vlax-vbvariant '(0 . 0)) (list layName) ) ; end vla-safearray-fill ) ; end vla-select (if(/= 0(vla-get-Count actSel)) (vla-WBlock actDoc dwgName actSel)); end if (setq fCount(1+ fCount)) ); end vlax-for ); end progn ); end if (princ (strcat "\*** " (itoa fCount) " files were created *** ")) (princ) ); end of c:lsave I have poked the "WBlock" line in different ways but i can't get FBXEXPORT to work in the script. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hi, I need a small lisp that opens and closes a file for me in the background. Nothing needs to be done. In this lisp the file is opened but not closed. (defun c:open_close_explorer () (setq Path "Y:\\Folder\\Data\\Test.txt") (setq File (StartAPP "Explorer.Exe" Path)) (close File) (princ) ) Does anyone have an idea?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This lisp import point from txt file with № X Y and if have (H and D). In the lisp can add records and delete records. command: PointIn
  4. I used to use Nanocad and just recently started using Autocad again. I sent a .dwg file to an engineer which is a drawing I had started in Nanocad and then imported and finished in Autocad 18 and he says he can't upload it. He says he gets a fatal error. Even though I saved the file as an AutocadLT 2013 format from the file save menu. I really would like to know if there is any Autocad or AutocadLT user with Architectural experience I could send a sample drawing to or can try the attached file so I can determine if the problem is really with my files or with the program or method the engineer is using to try to upload my drawing when I email it. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, PCS electrical FINAL ACADlite2013.dwg
  5. I have four simple drawings in 4 separate files. I want to print them in 4 corners of one A4 sheet. What is the easiest way to accomplish this task?
  6. Hi, all. Is there a way of importing a profile *.arg file (in the "Options"|"Profiles" tab) and have it simply change settings under the "Options"|"Files" tab and nothing else? I wouldn't mind going into the *.arg file and deleting lines, as long as I knew which ones were important. But would the profile import just fine if it did not have all the lines? For example, if I deleted everything in there that did not pertain to search paths, would it still load up? Right now, when we load a profile *.arg file it changes everything... the cursor size, background color, buttons, the way it selects elements, etc., and it would be very important that each user could upload a profile, based on which client standards one's working on that day, and have their customizations untouched. It might simply be that it can't be done, or i just don't know enough about profiles, but any help on this issue would be much appreciated. Thanks, Edgar
  7. For a Me3D printer, it can only print these file types: .STL, .AMF, .ZIP and .GCODE. When printing something from AutoCad, .DWG or .DXF, is there away on AutoCad or any other software that will allow to export or import these file types. Note I also have Blender and tried import a .DXF file and exporting as an .STL but when I imported the model it didn't turn out so well. It was really small and half of it was missing and was in 2D. Sorry if I have posted in the wrong place.
  8. Hi to all, Any one knows a Lisp that could insert many files (sheets) on only one dwg file? Thanks in advance!...
  9. When I use the open command in Autocad 2013 the following columns are displayed: Name | Date Modified | Type | Size I would like to add Date Created to this dialog so that it appears each time the command is used. I have added it in Windows Explorer and inside the Autocad dialog itself but when I close and relaunch Autocad the "new" column header is gone again. Is this a customizable option so that it remains? Please advise... Thanks!
  10. We are currently using Autocad 2014 and a couple stations using Autocad 2015. For some odd reason lately our drawings are being corrupted somehow. It is quite confusing. Say we create a drawing at 8AM and save and print it. Later that day we want to open it to make a revision and when we double click to open the drawing, it doesnt want to open. Almost like the file doesnt exist. I run recovery and it says no errors detected but still doesnt open it. Tried using insert(says invalid), xref(says invalid), etc.. nothing. THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS, is I have to logon to our Conference room computer that still has trusty ole AutoCAD 2002 installed and I am able to open it from there. However, the fun doesnt stop there. If I open and save the drawing from that station I am still unable to open from 2014/2015. I have to CTRL+A and copy everything into a "NEW" drawing then save that drawing over the existing one. Only then am I able to open this drawing. Am I missing something? Is there anyone else out there experiencing this? Please chime in. Thanks
  11. All, I found this Lisp that Renderman wrote; it works great. I was wondering what do i need to do to it so it continues to open the file even if part of the filename changes ie; the date without changing the code everytime it's updated NEW JOB TEMPLATE-7-8-13 - SMALL.dwg (defun c:OpenMyDwg ( / _OpenDwg ) (defun _OpenDwg (dwg readOnly / f oDwg) ;; RenderMan, CADTutor.net ;; Example: (_OpenDwg "FilePath\\FileName.dwg" T) (vl-load-com) (if (and (setq f (findfile dwg)) (/= 1 (getvar 'sdi))) (vla-activate (vla-open (vla-get-documents (vlax-get-acad-object)) f (cond ((= T readOnly) :vlax-true) ((:vlax-false))))) (cond (f (prompt "\n** Command not available in SDI mode ** ")) ((prompt (strcat "\n** \"" (strcase (vl-filename-base dwg)) "\" cannot be found ** ")))))) (_OpenDwg "F:\\DRAWINGS\\ARCHITECTURAL DETAILS\\NEW JOB\\NEW JOB TEMPLATE-7-8-13 - SMALL.dwg" T) (princ)) Thanks, Brian
  12. khoshravan

    open two files in AutoCAD 2010

    In older versions of AutoCAD it was impossible to open two files simultaneously. I think it was added in later versions. Now I am using AutoCAD 2010 but I don't know if I can open two files and shift between them. If it is possible, how can I do that? As a second question in the same subject, is it possible to copy objects from one file to another?
  13. Dear all, I am very new to autocad. I create a file of pemnut drawing so that I can use it as library file and then copy and paste to other of my other drawings. I don't know what is going on of the file. After 2 hours I created the file, it cannot be edited/copied. Please help Pemnut M4.dwg
  14. Hi, I'm having some problems giving certain parts in my assembly a unique file name. Im reorganizing all of my projects in a - content center - designs - libraries way, where my projects are under designs and commonly used parts under libraries. Now i have something like a pump. I can derrive this assembly into a solid and put it in the content center, or keep the assembly and put it in te libaries folder. since this is a part i use in multiple projects. Now my problem is that this pump has a different name in every project, and a library part doesn't allow me to change this name. Say standard name is "centrifugal pump" while the project name in project 1 would be P101, while in project 2 it has to be named P501 and so on in order to match with the flowcharts. Is my only option here creating a solid out of these components and putting it all in my content center ( leaving my libraries folder totally empty ), adding it as a custom part afterwards ( so i can rename it ). I rather have it in my library folder, since this will keep my design folder organized without hundreds of duplicates of this pump, using different names. Besides i rather have it as an assembly so i can assign the connectors of the pump to different sub assemblies of piping. I hope it's all clear.
  15. mr cadman guiff

    Saving files - AutoCAD 2011

    I'm using AutoCAD 2011. When I click on 'File' and then 'Save As', instead of a dialogue box on screen, I get, on the command line, the following: 'Enter File Format R14 (LT98 & LT97/2000/...........up to 2010) How can I get rid of this of the command line and get the dialogue box back? Thanks in anticipation.......
  16. Rubbersnow

    missing content of a file

    something strange happened , I had open two files (work file and file to watch from) and somehow after closing AutoCad , the content of the work file is replaced by the content of the other one.It is same with the .bak file . Is there any chance to recover my previous work , somehow to go back in the history of that file? :shock:
  17. I've heard that you can reduce file size using polyline instead of line while drawing (or vice versa... don't remember) Could you advice please, is it true and what exactly should be used. I think, why we would need the line tool at all if polyline more convenient... unless I am missing something... ?
  18. Hello CADTutorians, How can I highlight (select) a file after opening the containing folder by AutoLISP?
  19. Does any way exist to find out all settings in Files Tab of Options via AutoLISP, then change them to desired values?
  20. mattrichardson

    Read Only File Error

    Hi everyone, Hoping that someone can help. Everytime that I open a file in ACad, there is a pop up box that states that the file is read-only only, even if no-one has the file open it comes up with it everytime. I'm thinking that I may have accidently changed a setting that means that it only reads files in the read-only format??? Or whether I am saving my files in that format? When other people open files that I have worked on the same message appears on there screen. Any tips would be brilliant. Thank you.
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