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Get loose objects from PDF xref?


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I dont have a lot of hope for this one but why not give it a chance here.


I have a scanned drawing (PDF) and I want to use it a a xref so i can redraw it (originals have gotten lost :cry:). But is really big and makes autocad really slow.


Is there a way to make a scanned drawing in PDF have loose object / lines again?



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There is probably some conversion software out there that might do the job for you but I wouldn't count on that solving your problem as everything (including the text) would be broken down into small line/arc segments.

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I guess you are stuck then.


What is the size of the file you are dealing with?


What are your system specs?


You've made a classic mistake by trying to utilize a PDF as they were never meant to be a conduit between two different drawing programs.

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The pdf is about 1.6 mb, A0 size. Im working on a dual core @2.66 Ghz, 2gb ram, Geforce GT8800.. not the ideal picture i guess.


Here is an screenshot of the quality of the PDF. I guess its not a wonder that it wont be made into an DWG, looking at the quality.




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