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Selecting objects in a script

Zoe the 3rd

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I'm new to scripting, I dabbled a bit in AutoLisp years ago, but since my new AutoCAD LT doesn't support lisps I haven't retained that knowledge. Anyway...


I am trying to write a script that will use the MOVE command and displace an object by a set distance. (I have to do this thousands of times over.) However I do not know how to select the object from with in the script. Anyone know how to do that?

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Nope. They are usually rectangles or polylines.


I'm also now looking into macros... I know zip-diddly about macros, but they seam like they might work. The macro gets to the user input easy enough, but then I don't know how to get it back to running my selections.


So far I have: ^C^Cmove \d0,-20


but it stops after the \ and won't go back to my selection of "d".

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