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Exported .dwg from sketchup has square edges on round surfaces


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Hi guys,

Having a issue with my .DWG imports from SketchUp PRO 8.

When i open them in AutoCAD 2012, all the round/curved faces are segmented and makes my annotation sheets look crap.


Have tried exporting my Sketchup model as a .FBX and a .3DS model, importing into Autocad, exploding the mesh, regioning the resulting 3dfaces then using SURFSCULPT to create a solid.


would Really love to know how to make these surfaces smooth.


attached is a PDF to show you what im talking about.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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The problem is that SU really does not do curved surfaces. It just simulates them. Don't get me wrong I love SU but that assembly looks like it could be done in Acad just as easily and with true curved surfaces.

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thanks mate,


I use SU for my 3d for the speed i can do these types of things. I do use AutoCAD for more crucial components, But a pipe run with multiple axis and angles just eats up to much time.


what i have done though is configure SU circle to draw 100 edges instead of the 24 that was in the previous pdf. not perfect but does look a lot better



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That does look better. What did you render that in? I like SU for it's speed as well. When I do cuvred items I usually smooth out the curved items or hide the lines.

Thanks for sharing and welcome to CADTutor :)

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