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Corridor regions not showing links


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I'm working on a road project that is 3 lane road. a northbound, southbound and center turn lane. At an intersection it changes into having a left turn lane only with a median. So my problem is that when I have multiple regions in my corridor with and offset assembly targeting a offset alignment the last (or first depending ion which side the offset is on) set of links between the sample lines on the offset side of the assembly go missing. I've built the assemblies multiple ways and built it using different baselines and the same problem keeps coming up....I'm lost on it. Any ideas?

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I'm having trouble visualizing the situation. Is the problem occurring in the two-lane region or the three-lane region? Which alignment is the offset alignment offset from? How are you targeting the offset alignment and with which subassemblies? Is it possible to use one assembly for the two lanes and one for the three lanes?

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Thanks for responding Cyber Angel. I am having a hard time describing it. When I first started building this corridor I was using both southbound and northbound in the construction of the corridor. Northbound was the baseline and southbound was the target of the assembly offset. I noticed that at the end of each region that the longitudinal links went missing between the last two sample lines on the southbound(offset) side. So I started over just using Northbound a baseline and built my assemblies to match that, "cutting" out the sections at the intersections that have a median by assigning a null assembly to those regions. Now where I am at is I've created a additional baseline using the same alignment to fill in the median areas using an offset assembly . However, I'm still running into those longitudinal links missing at the end of the region on the offset side. I even tried building it backwards using southbound as my baseline and it still occurs.

Now after all that is said I think now that it might not matter, but is just visually undesirable. I ran some sample lines through it and generated some cross sections and everything works out. After a little more modeling I'll see if my quantities work out.

I would still like to hear of any suggestions or similar problems .


More details Baseline= northbound. on right = outside super layer w/ widening , curb and gutter , urban sidewalk, daylight sub assembly. on left = inside super layer w/ widening, curb and gutter, mark point

offset assembly left targeting southbound align w southbound profile. on right= inside super layer w/ widening, curb and gutter, constant slope median. on left = outside super layer w/ widening , curb and gutter , urban sidewalk, daylight sub assembly.

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