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Off Page Utility Connector

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I am using Plant 3d P&ID. I'd like to think I am fairly advanced in this software, however I am stumped on this one. I am trying to created the offpage connector as shown. I can get it to work, but my only problem is I need to have the flexibility to move the drawing number to either side of the arrow. See attached picture.


I have tried turning off lock position of the attribute box. When I test this block, the grip displays so I can drag it to either side.


However, when I add it to my tool palette, and then place it on a drawing I can not get it to display the grip to allow me to move it.


I have also gone into the AutoCAD options and turned on displaying all grips within blocks, but I still do not get this grip I need.


Let me know if anyone knows of a fix for this issue.





Utility Connector.jpg

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make a " labeling " for y Tag and y can take it whereaver y want

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