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Mirroring in Autocad 2012 for Mac

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I am currently using the 'mastering auto cad for mac' tutorial guide.

I am attempting to mirror an object, using an endpoint but 6.5 units to the right of it. However, i don't seem able to do it, as when i mirror the objects they just end up touching.


I know the 2012 version doesn't have dialog boxes for features such as hatching and the array commands, does anyone know if it is possible to set it up on this version so these options become available.


Many thanks,


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If you have osnap on and otrack on then after you pick the objects to mirror, hover over an object endpoint to one side, once it acquires that point move your cursor to the right (in my example at least) and type 6.5 and hit enter, move your cursor up or down and pick when ready.


You can also use the From Osnap so after picking the objects, type FROM, hit enter, pick on an endpoint, then type @6.5

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