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Found 8 results

  1. I am creating a program to generate mill slots and to update (using reactors) if a centerline is modified. The only thing I can't figure out is how to handle the reactors for the secondary entities linked to the one being modified. I am currently approaching the problem like so: Each centerline has xdata that contains the handle of the outline followed by the handles of the other linked centerlines. When the magenta line is modified, the outline will be deleted and a new outline will be generated based on the linked items, but that means a new handle needs to be added to the two other lines. (I will have a similar and more complex problem when a new line crosses/interacts with the polylines) I've tried modifying xdata once before and it ended up stuck in a loop. I thought that by modifying the xdata my object modified reactor would trigger but it didn't seem to. I don't have any working code ready to post yet, but what I really could use is some advice or guidance on the logic to trigger my reactors on secondary objects. Thanks for looking!
  2. Hi all. My first post, so bare with me if I'm asking the wrong forum. I run my own 'one man band' business designing and installing ropes courses and climbing towers using wood and steel. I'm not a designer or engineer! I liaise with clients then employ structural engineers and specialist fabricators. Could anyone suggest the most appropriate software to use to create basic 3D illustrations which I can use to illustrate the structure / shape / layout for my clients at the quotation stage. These will have the same basic components but they overall structure will be different for each client, maybe even 2 or 3 different options. I do not need to detail every nut and bolt or be able to send perfect 'designs' to engineers / fabricators. Just professional looking 3D illustrations for potential clients. As a 'one man band' I need to be able to do quickly and cost effectively each time, whilst running all the other parts of my business. Don't mind investing in software, but time is at a premium. Could be PC based, or perhaps ipad app based?
  3. RyanHarbird

    Designing wolfs head (help)

    Hello Guys Im new to sketchup and only played around with photoshop and GIMP so im new to 3D modelling and only been on the program for around 3 hours. As you may have guessed i'm still pretty bad having not had time to properly practice. Anyway I am looking to design 3 wolves heads in to a metal side case of a PC.If its possible the coloured parts would be the bits that are cut out of the case .Eventually its a project as im in to PC case modding and would like to take it to a company and get it case cut in to the side. How would I go around this and is there a tutorial that could help me that you could think of. Any help would be a benefit right now as im completely stuck. Thank you in advance Ryan
  4. SirGouldy

    What do you guys think?

    Hi fellow creators, im new to this forum and thought i could get some advice from you guys. I have been using inventor for a while now and have a basic understanding on how to use it However im not sure if the stuff that i am making is any good, what do you think...
  5. ...on how best to proceed. We are all currently running AutoCAD 2010, CAP, and Worksheet. My company sells monitor array bars as part of our offering. We have PNs and blocks for the array bars, but our customers always want to see their specific monitor configuration applied in our drawings. As most of you know there are a million different monitor sizes out there; in addition to that, in the industry we cater to, it is not uncommon for the user to have a number of monitors of various sizes. For example, I am looking at a project with a stacked array; two 25" monitors over four 22" monitors. We are not selling the monitors so those blocks do not need to be attributed for quoting, just need a quick way to create the geometry. At the moment we are drawing these from scratch, which isn't too difficult, but it can be tedious. There are also five people on my team and we all seem to have adopted similar, but different processes for making these. So, what I am thinking is building a Lisp that will spit out the geometry for us. I'd like a prompt that asks something like (using the quantity and sizes from the example I mentioned above): Number of Monitors Over?: 2 Number of Monitors Under?: 4 Over Monitor Size?: 25 Under Monitor Size?: 22 Then, boom, we get something like this: ...the screen and monitor frame will need to be on different layers so that they will render properly. What do you think? Is a Lisp the right way to go here? Thanks in advance, Watson
  6. I am wanting some advice about programs to convert... well, you saw the thread title, no? What's good, free, bad, costly; what do you like? Don't write, go to this or that link or download this or that program, please I want some anecdotes. Show me some nuggets of truth, yea? Many Thanks!
  7. mr cadman guiff

    System Advice please!

    I'm thinking of building my own desktop computer with the main aim doing 3D AutoCAD. I've made a few phone calls to various suppliers of components but on the whole, they haven't been particularly helpful in terms of the best spec for the job. Can anyone please advise me how far I should go regarding the spec. say, of a graphics card, motherboard, RAM and processor or any other advice you can give me? Please bear in mind, I have not done this before and am a novice! Many thanks in advance for helping me with this project.
  8. Hi, I am currently using the 'mastering auto cad for mac' tutorial guide. I am attempting to mirror an object, using an endpoint but 6.5 units to the right of it. However, i don't seem able to do it, as when i mirror the objects they just end up touching. I know the 2012 version doesn't have dialog boxes for features such as hatching and the array commands, does anyone know if it is possible to set it up on this version so these options become available. Many thanks, Rob
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