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Client wants autocad dwg title block with attributes... can I use Inventor?


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Morning CAD monkeys, you all have my permission to take 5 and have a coffee.


Whilst you're doing so, has anyone come up with a workaround for my problem;


my client uses a document management system that only supports autocad dwg files. The contract states I must use their title block, set up with attributes.

We put the drawing on their template, it uploads (usually enough time for coffee and a biscuit), the system populates the attributes then you can download the 'issued' revision.


How do I work around this if I want to use Inventor?


There is also a bit of a problem with the ctb file and layers but I can work around this by setting up inventor dwg template to suit.


Any and all help appreciated.



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It may have changed since i used Inventor years ago, but AFAIK you can bring in the titleblock, but you will have to recreate the attributes as Inventors prompted entries. It used to be easier to do the entire titleblock from the beginning in Inventor.

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If you go the opposite way (Inventor to AutoCAD) - Prompted Entries will appear as multiline attributes in AutoCAD. iProperty values will appear as DWGPROPS if I recall.

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Thanks for the response guys.

At present I have an ACAD template, I open this up in IV and create views, annotation etc.

In this particular drawing my first view is an iso at 1:25, most other views are 1:20 with some 1:10 details.

It's just some flooring in a plant.

I can open this up in Acad with no problems, however file size is 8MB. I am trying to reduce this by exporting the dwg from inventor as an ACAD 2007 file as per clients requirements. I would like to have it in model space with linework at 1:1, the most successful option so far ends up with sheet in model space but scaled to plot from MS at 1:1 (know what I mean!?).

It has taken the first base view scale and scaled it down.

I tried scaling everything up by 25 (base view scale 1:25) which works except for the dimensions which remain small.

Has anyone worked this one out? Quite happy to have it in paperspace.


One other thing, I notice that IV has exported into an ACAD.dwt (i.e. imperial) not ACADISO.dwt file type. This is also a pain but I can live with it, unless for some reason this is causing my scale problems.


Surely Autodesk must have mastered this? Surely a lot of clients want Acad compatible files, with specific layers etc and not massive file sizes?

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