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Layer names

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I was wondering if anyone could help me with some layer names. Standards that are used. Let me explain better.

For instance, "A" would be architecture, "S" structure, "C" civil, "E" electrical and so on. But what I am looking for are the ones that would be for like....




and so on.


But I am looking for all the names like that for all architecture, plumbing, electrical, and so on.


Then I could have my own template with all these layer names is what I am looking for. I hope I explained this OK.


Could someone help me with these. I would appreciate it.

Thank You.

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Searching Google finds many documentation on this. Here's the NCS, the AIA and the ANSI and you can always find PDF forms on the internet. Here's a good one that's pretty complete to get you started: http://www.cadinstitute.com/download/pdf/AIA%20Layer%20Standards.pdf


*EDIT* Just to be clear, we have our own set of in-house standards that vary slightly than any of the NCS/AIA/ANSI standards due to our use of Layer Filters. In my opinion, all of these documents that exist are definitely organized, but not organized like they should be when Layer Filters and Wildcard Matching are used. My suggestion is to create multiple standards and look intuitively into the possibility of using your own methods if the situation calls for it.

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