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Moving around components?


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I just started with AutoCAD Electrical and I'm practicing with a wiring diagram that will later be imported into Inventor.


I added connectors, then added wires and connected it to the points. Well the diagram got very crowded and I want to move some components around but when I do that the wire doesn't follow. Is there a wire regeneration command that will fix this, or is there a better way to move components? I've attached a picture of what it is I'm working with so you can get a better idea of what I'm doing and maybe offer suggestions for a better way to do this.


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Hello there!! maybe this can help you if you move components up and down and left to right, there is a command that is call scoot, this would move the component up and down and left to right with the wire that is connected to. However, if you have more than one, then this would not help. I would follow design-engine suggestion. I hope this would help...good luck!!

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I use stretch. I turn layers on and off that I don't want stretched. However, doing this manually (turning on and off layers) takes too long.


I'd look into layer states. I can't tell you much about it because I don't use it. I have written a macro for the layers I use.


However, here is a simple one that may help


(DEFUN C:L1 () (COMMAND "laycur")(princ))

(DEFUN C:L2 () (COMMAND "laymcur")(princ))

(DEFUN C:L3 () (COMMAND "matchprop")(princ))

(DEFUN C:L4 () (COMMAND "layOFF")(princ))

(DEFUN C:L5 () (COMMAND "layON")(princ))

(DEFUN C:L6 () (COMMAND "layISO")(princ))

(DEFUN C:L7 () (COMMAND "layUNISO")(princ))

(DEFUN C:L8 () (COMMAND "layFRZ")(princ))



I think layISO and layUNISO would help the most

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Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them out.


Earlier scoot wasn't working for me, it would only allow movement in one direction on some components and would not reconnect all of them, but I think I had ortho on and that had something to do with it.


The more I use autocad the more I realize I know nothing about it.

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