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Splinedit; edit vertex; weight; change default setting?

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Hello out there,


In my 2D drawings I use a lot of splines. I restore/convert antique drawings of ancient boats and sailplanes in/to Autocad 2012. I use these drawings as a raster image and draw precisely over the handcrafted lines. So these original drawings contain a lot of hand shaped (organic) formes that go through, by dimension defined, fitpoints (so as indicated on the original plan) and are tangent to other lines elsewhere in the plan.


As I draw a lot of these splines, I want to manipulate the default settings in order to save time and effort.

  1. Is there a way in Autocad 2012 to increase the weight, by default, of a vertex point in such a way so that the vertex point becomes a fit point by itself?
  2. What is the maximum value to give to a vertex point?
  3. Does it become a fit point then?
  4. When a fitpoint and a vertex point coincide, how to keep them stay that way; that means relocate both at the same time when editing the spline, and not one seperately.
  5. Are splines the 'necessary evil' in this case or is functional alternative advise available?

I don't want to see these splines to leave the points they absolutely should go through as I clicked them when drawing the spline. I want splines to be smooth, and to stay smooth even after replacing fit points or vertici.

And I don't have the time to re-re-re-re-refine every single spline I draw, as I draw so many.

I've tried so hard to fix this problem, but I can't, probably because of incompetence. Sorry.


Rainy greetings from Flander's fields anyway, and thanks in advance for the shared intelligence,


Kouros Van Karibou.

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For AutoCAD 2012, I would advise against using weighted Control Vertex (i.e., Rational Nurb Curves) as there is a bug with subsequent grip manipulation. With any luck this has received attention in the soon to be released 2013 version.



1. No. The spline can not be made to contact the Control Vertex(CV) exactly (Start and End notwithstanding) via weight manipulation. You may be able to get it close, with a large weight value, but the overall shape of the curve will be compromised. (In the interest of completeness: The same can be said about Knot multiplicity. Given the appropriate Knot Vector, a spline can pass through a CV but the overall curve will change dramatically)

2. No limit as far as I know.

3. No

4. Does not apply.

5. I believe this is the best entity for the described task.


There may be other options. Post an example of a drawing if you can. This forum is full of good ideas.

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