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Bill Tillman

Copy Excel Table Into AutoCAD Drawing

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Bill Tillman

I have an Excel file which includes a BOM which has formmating out the whazoo. Merged cells, shaded cells, etc... and what's worse is that this BOM is very dynamic meaning the contents of the cells change depending on the answers input from users. Once the input has been complete, the BOM is a nice OLE object which we can manually copy and paste into the drawing. But my goal now is to automate this and have my VLISP code import the table, or copy and paste it whatever. I've tried several methods, including creating a data link. This looks nice when it starts but I can't figure out how to format the cells once the table is in place. I resize one column but then can't get it where I want it, the text sucks and some of the cells are filled in with (Div by zero) even though the cell contents are clearly not showing thst.


This is once again tht totally automated process I'm working on so getting the table into the file without user interface is paramount.

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