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IES plugin..!!

nidhi singhania

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Can someone please advice me on how and from which site, i can download IES PLUGIN for 3ds max 2009.

I came to know about this plugin, while learning from tutorials on net. In there i saw, this person inserted a light and there was this tab below the menu bar as "IES PRESET" and as he was taking the cursor on different ies light samples, the light in the scene changed automaticall.:o

Help please.....

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Not exactly....

I have these with me, but what i am looking for is...

If you check this video out, in the upper right corner of the max file (when the person begins lighting process) you will come across a 'IES PRESET' tab.That is what i wanted to know, as to how i can add the same .

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I don't have sound on this computer, so I can't listen to the video, but usually they will tell you where they got the plugin because basically, that's the whole point of the video. To promote the plugin. Doesn't he say anything about where to get it?


Also, they are using Max 2011 in the video, so the plugin may not work for 2009.

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Ohhh yes....

I noticed the same after you pointed out...


Are you aware of some similar plugin which works in a similar manner!

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xin chào các bạn, mình xin chia sẽ 1 plugin tương tự, bạn có thể vào đây download về và làm theo hướng dẫn, có thể hoặc đọng tốt trên 2012. http://www.mediafire.com/?swn0awq0e4i44r2.


nguyenanhtuan158, next time please post your reply in English.


I have translated your message using Google Translate:

"Hello, I would like to share one similar plugin, you can download it here and follow the instructions, can be good or outstanding in 2012"
Note: This plugin is apparently for Studio Max 2012 and Vray, so I have not downloaded it because I do not use Max 2012 or Vray. Download and install at your own risk.
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Thank you for the translation, Super Moderator.

But still my question and curiosity is unsolved as far as that set up is concerned.

Someone please help me with it.:geek:

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