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TIFF insertion to make multiple DWG files


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Hi All,


I have about 200 TIFF images (all Geo-refferenced)

I need to make a separate DWG file for each one which simply has the associated image attached.


Essentially my final outcome needs to be:




So I need the DWG file to be named the same as the TIFF.


I can import and save them one by one but this is pretty time consuming.


Any suggestions on how to do this automatically?


I have 3 sets of images to do this for and each is a different pixel size. I have completed one set and I was wondering if i could take the set that I have completed and somehow manipulate them to find the other group of images without having to open each DWG and attach the new image.


Any ideas would be appreciated!



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You can build (in a spreadsheet) a script file to achieve the goal "one tif to one dwg", then save it as text file e.g. C:\TIF2DWG.SCR on root of C disk, like this:


_new . _mapiinsert c:\001.tif _n _zoom _e _save c:\001 _close

_new . _mapiinsert c:\002.tif _n _zoom _e _save c:\002 _close




_new . _mapiinsert c:\200.tif _n _zoom _e _save c:\200 _close


When you have it, do the following steps:


1] open a brand new empty DWG

2] set FILEDIA to 0

3] command _SCRIPT

4] issue C:\TIF2DWG

5] enjoy the show

6] when it stops, set FILEDIA back to 1


Now you should have your 200 .DWG on C root, each with its own TIF inside.


Of course, the script supposes that your TIF files are on C:\ but you can easily edit the path with Notepad.


During the building of the .SCR file, to automatically generate the column 001.tif, 002.tif... 200.tif, you may use the old-school Dos command:

dir /b *.tif > grouch19.txt



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