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  1. leaf


    Hi I am trying to create a tartan/plaid design using hatch solid......overlapping stripes eg a yellow over a red = orange.........what are the steps so the colours merge.ie create the orange? any instructions would be appreciated
  2. I'm working on a building a helmet, and I have completed a basic 3d model to help me visualize how I will build it. But I don't know how to flatten out a cone. the helm is made out of 5 pieces, a top, a top side piece and a bottom side(the sides are fabricated twice to make a full helm) I have a problem with the top sides and making them a flat layout.
  3. RyanHarbird

    Designing wolfs head (help)

    Hello Guys Im new to sketchup and only played around with photoshop and GIMP so im new to 3D modelling and only been on the program for around 3 hours. As you may have guessed i'm still pretty bad having not had time to properly practice. Anyway I am looking to design 3 wolves heads in to a metal side case of a PC.If its possible the coloured parts would be the bits that are cut out of the case .Eventually its a project as im in to PC case modding and would like to take it to a company and get it case cut in to the side. How would I go around this and is there a tutorial that could help me
  4. Hi - New to auto cad & need help I'll explain as best i can. Version:AutoCAD Mechanical 2012. I have a number of CAD blocks i need to change an attribute in each of the blocks multiple times. The attribute DEVNAME - Varies* over multiple blocks. I need to change the number used in the attributes eg: Block 1 attribute DEVNAME = RR1 Block 2 attribute DEVNAME = LR1 Block 2 attribute DEVNAME = AR1 I would like to change the 1 in all the attributes to a 2 without having to manually change each attribute name individually. The result I'm after would be: Block 1 attrib
  5. i need help bending a loft inwards or create a whirlpool curve so i am trying to make the corner peice of a rubix cube 2.0 https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS9uLEM_-bAVuVC78FZHS-69MjpuQGb3s00dup4GpjhhD13... https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTjXyEHZppZfRJzBLAi34dufUdUH6DeYBcYkbWvyB6zddwy... btw this is for a school so thanks in advance Part1ofcube.ipt
  6. Hey everyone, I guess this is a simple project but I have absolutely 0 ideas on how to do it. I know the basics of AutoCAD, but I'm not good at it. This is my assignment. This is the example of how my assignment should look like (keep in mind that it is not the final result of my assignment, but an example of how i should finalise it.) Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Hi there, You'll have to forgive my ignorance and I'm new to the whole LISP routine area. My work has this old LISP routine for rotating text which I modified to include MTEXT and blocks. I was hoping to change it solely for block rotation in another lisp routine. The way we have our blocks setup, I would need this LISP routine to add an additional 90 degrees to the matching rotation of the line. Could anyone please help me go about doing this? Every attempt at it has failed so far. Here is the code (defun rottxt_err (s) (if (/= s "Function cancelled") (princ (strcat "\nErro
  8. Hi. I'm a beginner in CAD, I'm going to ask how to draft a lot using the coordinates(latitude and longitude) from google earth. Example: Point A. Latitude: 11 Degree 18'2.22"N Longitude: 124 Degree 57'46.89"E Please check my attachment picture.
  9. Im interning for a medium sized company and I was tasked with creating a new file structure and naming system for our engineering files. I was wondering what are the best ways to name CAD files so that they are easy to find and make sense. Thanks you all your help guys. I really need it. Also we use both auto cad and solidworks to make mostly large metal parts if that makes any difference
  10. Is it possible to customize the DIMJOGLINE symbol? The /\/ part that gets inserted is kind of spread out too much in my opinion, I'm wondering if there's a block somewhere hidden in the Autodesk folders that can be edited. After inserting this thing, I see no block in the drawing when I list the blocks. Thanks in advance! R.L. Hamm
  11. I'm trying to get LISP to automate the editing of a bunch of dynamic blocks for basic things like width and depth. I want to have all these values set up by model numbers in in an Excel spreadsheet. In order to accomplish this, I've used the code for "Set Dynamic Property Value" by Lee Mac and "GetExcel" by Terry Miller (thank you both so much for getting me this far). I have succeeded in getting LISP to manipulate dynamic blocks with Lee Mac's code, but only using hard numbers. I can also get Getexcel to return numbers from my .xls. But I can't get those Excel numbers into the dynamic
  12. Hey everyone ... I need some help and I have noooo idea where to start or how to write the code needed to do my thought. I need a text file that gives a marker when you open and close a drawing w/ a time stamp and so i can track my day w/o trying to figure out how many hours I worked on a drawing. This has to be a continuous list for the day. There was a previous post from 2010 which worked great but it put an individual text file in each drawing location. I need one text file so i can see all the drawings that were opened and closed w/ the time & date..... So any help would be much ap
  13. We currently bought Building Design Suite from a re-seller and currently waiting on the product key for activation. We are trying to go ahead and download the suite. I have tried to go through Virtual Agent, but am consistently having problems. There's 4 parts to the download through the VA and only part 4 can be complete. I've tried several times and still get the same result as before. Can it be because i am using internet explore? is there another way to download the suite? Please help!!!!!!
  14. KShanahan_638

    Layer issues

    I work in the HVAC field. I've just around a year of experience with the program and have never had this problem before. I use 2 layers; 1 for piping and another for linears and dimensions, etc. For some reason, everything shows up on the model space, but once i plotted on the paper space, a good chunk of the layer i use for my dimensions are not showing up at all. I've regenerated the drawing, checked the frozen/unfrozen state, made sure the layer was on, went through layer properties and my printer logo does appear without the red line through it. If anybody has any input or have exp
  15. I need to change the attribute of "tag" = "PRO" in all blocks of the model space of the active document in autocad. The text you need to add is "my project". I searched for information about walking blocks and change the attributes but I get nothing. Can anyone help me please?
  16. Hi Basic Info is that I'm wanting to buy a Lenovo s20 laptop with a; Intel® Celeron® Processor N2840 (2.16 GHz, 2.58 GHz with Burst, 1 MB cache) Ram 4 Gb Storage 320 Gb Im basically wondering will the processor run Autocad 2015 if not is there any small laptops (smaller the better) that are cheap and cheerful.
  17. DJRandall


    My friend is wanting to know the answers to these questions? 1a What is the advantage of creating a Block for use in an AutoCAD drawing? 1b Why is it recommended to draw Blocks on Layer 0? 2a What is the difference between a Block and a WBlock? 2b What is the advantage of being able tocreate and use WBlocks in AutoCADdrawings? 3a Why would there be a need to convert aninserted Block back into itsconstituent parts? 3b Describe the process of removing anunwanted Block from an AutoCADdrawing 4a
  18. Hello, I am semi-new to AutoCAD but have a fairly good knowledge of how to work the program now. However, I am continuously having problems with the presspull command. When I try to use the command on an object, the object is raised but not filled. It looks sort of like a fence/outline around the border of the object with a grid pattern. This is really frustrating. How do I fix this??
  19. hello this is my first post here and it would be a question:) so we are working on this new project. and its kinda big project. my problem is that the drawing is so big it's a 32mb drawing and my computer is not responding or freezes every time i save, go to other lay out or even just panning. can any one please suggest me what to do if you have encounter this kind of problem.. i already tried purge it made it a bit faster but still it freezes for about 30 minutes then respond again. so i did some research and i don't know how i came up with the DXF file but right now im editing the dr
  20. I have a fully electrical drawing set complete with I/O from my PLC I want to generate a .xlm file. I then want to write a program that will scrape the file looking for I/O addresses, and then assign aliases based on the descriptions. I’m having trouble with the .xlm file. When I generate the file the I/O looks like this: - Wire> What I need is something that includes the description. I know they are associated in some way because if I export to Excel the same I/O point looks like this: What do I need to change in order to associate the description to appear in m
  21. I haven't used Inventor in about 4 years, and I tried to create a project in Inventor using the 2013 version, but once I created a project file a bunch of the original settings got messed up. I now can't open a drawing, assembly, or presentation from the home window that pops up. I can only use the drop down icon to open a part file. Also, because I can't access the home drop down menu I can't specify whether I want the project to be measured in metric or english format. I think that I may have deleted the source of these files, but I couldn't find them in my trash on the computer and I'm not
  22. dgohman

    AutoCAD MEP 2013 Part Question

    This is my first time posting so I am not sure if this is in the right category. I am trying to create undefined ductwork in AutoCAD MEP 2013 with single line. Then convert it into double line using the Calculate Duct Sizes. It always converts my branches into Tee's with a 90 Degree Angle. Is there a way to have it use a wye or create a custom Tee that can use a 45 Degree Angle? Thanks
  23. randomBullets

    May I get my Username changed?

    May I get my Username changed? Curious if an administrator could be so kind to do this for me? I've been out of the game for awhile but I recently resumed my CAD career.
  24. G'day, I have a stange inventor problem i am hoping some one can help me with. I am currently running Inventor Professional 2011. The problem occurs when attempting to create a section view, detail view, croping or any other type of view editing command in the .idw drawing. First of all i place my base view, then when i am wanting to section or any of the other i get this error message 'The specified inputs did not create sweep geometry (faces and/or edges). Try by changing path geometry and/or creating the profile on a sketch plane that is perpendicular to the path and contai
  25. Fellow Cadders, I've encountered a pretty nasty problem over the past week. I can no longer add specific layouts to existing sheet sets. I can make a new sheet set, but I cannot see the drawings that I would like to add to the sheet set. The only "solution" I've found is to make a new sheet set, save each of the desired dwgs as newly renamed dwgs, and then, f if I pat myself on the head and spin around in 3 complete circles, I have a 78% chance of being able to add them to the new sheet set. Obviously, this is like cutting off your hand and holding it, while your friend shakes yo
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