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vladimir script 1st letter bigger autocad

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autocad 2009


I have writen neptunus in lettertype vladimir script


Now I would like the to be the first letter N bigger.

Can someone tells me how


What I did



typ the first letter letter high 0n 13mm (didn't work)


Can someone tells how

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But I'm new whit autocad 2009 so could you step by step explane it to me


what I did


open mtext

change fonts to vladimir script

typing neptunus


When I typ edit in command

autocad tells me unknow command press f1

So what do I wrong!

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ok now highlight just the "n" and then above where it says style change the hieght from what you have it at to a larger number.

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Hello thank you for the help

I mange to chang the letter but no there is a cap between N and e

So how do I join them


I did try command join


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