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How to load MV Parts Catalog

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Hi, I have recently upgraded to a new 64 bit computer and 2009 MEP from a 32 bit and 2008 MEP. I had created about 20-30 MV Parts (mostly VAV Boxes) in 2008 and saved the .apc file to the server with the thought of loading it into my new computer and sharing it with my co-worker. I can't seem to load the old MV Parts catalog into the new 2009. I have gone to the extremes of deleting the new catalog (with a saved back up of course) and inserting the old catalog. I lose the info when it asks me to regen the catalog. This can't be the first time this has come up but I can't find any threads relating to this and Microdesk wasn't a whole lot of help but they are still working on it. Thanks for any help, Ken

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This problem is typically caused by two parts in the catalog having the same GUID number (or part number). Please try the following:

  1. Generate a unique GUID using any online tool such as www.guidgen.com
  2. Open the XML file for the part that you added to the catalog
  3. Look for the Catalog ID (see attached image)
  4. Replace the number with the one that you generated
  5. Save the file
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 for each part that you added to the catalog
  7. Regenerate the catalog in AutoCAD MEP and check the validation log for any errors

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