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When I xref in a drawing in model space, then go to paperspace to dimension it, it gives me the paperspace dimension. But if I goback to modelspace and draw a line at two points and go back to paperspace and dimension the two lines it reads the modelspace and dimensions it correctly.


My settings in the dimension (DDIM) are as follows:

Fit Tab - "Scale for dimension features" - "Scale dims to layout" is checked.


Primary Units tab - "Measurement scale" Scale factor is 1 and the "Apply to dimensions only" box is checked.


Dimflac is set to 1

Dimassoc is set to 1


Is there a varible I am missing that tells dims to read xrefs?



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Can't confirm for 2005, but in later releases when you place a dimension in PS and you snap to MS geometry, the MS length is generated. But if you just pick two points in PS, the PS length is generated. Doesn't matter if geometry is in an xref or not.

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here's a good one, but im not sure also for CAD2005

Another trick would be to enter a viewport in PS, then dimension the object. this retains the text height, arrow head size, etc. (but make sure the viewport is locked)

then from the viewport,use CHSPACE to switch the dimensions from MS on the Viewport to PS

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