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custom linetype doesn't work as expected

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Can somebody tell me why these (apparenlty) different two linetype codes give me exactly the same line when I draw them.

*ELEC_NEWLITE_U,ELEC_NEWLIGHT_U ----(N)L----(N)L----(N)L----(N)L----





With the first one I intend to see few small dashes "(N)L" few small dashes an so on.

With the second one I want to see one long dash "(N)L" long dash "(N)L" and so on.


They both appear as few small dashes (N)L few small dashes and so on


How do I control how many dashes will be in the line?

What is the coding definition for the text portion of the line between []?


Thanks much!

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I wonder whether your two lines are actually using the SAME line definition. Your Linetype name is so long, you could get tired before you get to see the different characters at the end :shock:


I tried the linetypes, and they work. One linetype has a line of 0.5 units and a space of 0.2 units with letters that are 0.1 units high, and the other has a line of 30 units long and because there is no pen-up space after the letters, the next line starts in the middle of the text.


I am not sure what you are wanting. Perhaps a more fullsome explanation would help.


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