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I am relatively new to Autocad. I have had formal courses that instructed on the basics of the program, but now that I am graduated, I am realizing there is a whole bunch of stuff that I did not realize existed--for example, xref. I have an understanding of what it is, as it should not be hard anyway, but I have some issues in how the function works.


Specifically, I am currently working in an autocad 2006 file that has a border (block) as an xref in the model view. In the layout view, however, the border does not show up.


I do not know why this happens :unsure: --can anyone offer advice or suggestions on how to fix this?


Thanks in advance :D



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its xref'd in model space...it wont show up in paperspace (layout) unless its through a viewport.....if you want it in paperspace then just type XREF (while in paperspace), right click on the xref, then unload...right click on it again and click attach....should appear in your layout now

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I did what you suggested, yet the problem is not fixed...and I am not able to right-click on the xref while in the xref manager--there are options to upload/unload, attach/detach, etc. so I used those. I did those while in layout view, as suggested, but it did not work. Any other advice will be great, but if not, I'll continue trying to figure it out.


Thanks again

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An XREF is just a "block" in your drawing. The difference is that an XREF is an "externally defined" block.


Start with a fresh AutoCAD. Open your title block only. Measure the width and height of the outside border. Hopefully it's the same size as your desired paper output.


Now keeping those measurements in mind, close the title block drawing and open a new empty drawing. Set INSUNITS to 0. Now switch to layout1. Now use the XREF command to xref in the title block drawing. Use 0,0 as the insertion point and a scale of 1.0. Now zoom extents in the layout. Find the title block and measure it. It will be the same.


Potential problems with your current situation include the setting of INSUNITS, or maybe the title block drawing has it's INSBASE set to something other than 0,0. Maybe the UCS is rotated in the title block drawing. Maybe the layer you xrefed it into is off. Could be all sorts of things, that is why it's good to start with a fresh new drawing to try and rule out these items.

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