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Inventor 2010 drawing problem...


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Hello guys,


I need help with a drawing in Inventor (2010).

My problem is this: I have to make a section view of a part but I don't wanna section the whole part cause I need to dimension it, I just have to make partial section of the part, i want to show the hole down there.


I have attached a pdf file of the part. This is how it should look. (it's drawn in AutoCAD).


If someone could take a look at it.


Thank you in advance.

P.S I apologize for my bad English, it's not my native language.


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For what you want here, you need to create a Break Out view.


Select your view and then select to Create a New Sketch

Use Project Geometry to locate your cutout shape on your view

Finish the Sketch

Start the Break Out command

Select your sketch and depth options.

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