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  1. Hi All, Following an idea posed in this thread, I have created the following code to enable a user to automatically update titleblock attributes using data sourced from a CSV Drawing Register, a file which may be created using the DataExtraction command. The code is designed to be as generic as possible to benefit the majority of users. The location of the CSV Drawing Register may be entered at the top of the code, or this may be left nil (current setting), in which case the user is prompted for selection of a CSV Drawing Register from which attribute data will be sourced. The code also comes equipped with an optional block filter, located at the top of the code. If nil, the code will update all attributed blocks with attribute tags matching those listed in the headings of the CSV Drawing Register. The block filter may also use wildcards: e.g. "*BORDER". An example of the expected format of the CSV Drawing Register is as follows: +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ | DWG | Layout* | TAG1 | TAG2 | ... | TAGN | +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ | Drawing1 | Layout1 | Value1 | Value2 | ... | ValueN | +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ | Drawing1 | Layout2 | Value1 | Value2 | ... | ValueN | +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ | Drawing2 | Layout1 | Value1 | Value2 | ... | ValueN | +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | ... | +------------+-----------+----------+----------+-----+----------+ *Layout column is optional. Where the first column contains drawing filenames (with or without extension). The second column is an optional 'Layout' column for drawings containing different titleblock information on different layouts. Change the setting at the top of the code if the CSV Drawing Register contains a Layout column next to the Drawing Filename Column. The remaining columns contain the corresponding values of those attribute tags listed in the first row. A Short Demonstration The code is currently geared to run upon being loaded to enable users to add the code to either the Startup Suite or ACADDOC.lsp (see here for information about doing so), and hence automatically update titleblock attribute information whenever a drawing file is opened. This 'autorun' functionality can easily be disabled as described in the code header. Please read the code header for more information, and, if you have any questions about the code, please don't hesitate to ask. Regards, Lee A full description of the program including example CSV Drawing Register demonstrating the correct format can be found here. UpdateTitleblockV1-9.lsp
  2. Hello, I would appreciate advice on the implementation of a process that matches one region of autocad (corners of a entity) into an empty subsection of a larger region. I have attached a drawing that presents the problem that I wish to solve. playground.dwg
  3. hello everyone, i would like to request a the lisp that locks the selected objects with a password & converts the selected objects into a single uneditable block. which cannot be exploded, also you cannot select, copy, move, delete or modify the individual objects within that block unless you unlock it with the password there is a lisp in ZwCad called "Lockup & Unlock" (below is the YouTube video link, which shows how this lockup lisp works). I want the exact same lisp for autocad. because zwcad's lockup lisp does not work in Autocad, it is compiled to work with zwcad only. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-bghsc1AIc
  4. Hello, I am trying to draw a solid object by AutoLISP. But I got stuck while drawing an arc. Please see below picture where I got stuck. I need this arc parallel to the lines below it. I tried some UCS command but at that time arc shown up somewhere irrelevant. Couldn't figure it out. I'm doing something wrong. (I can post my .lsp here however it might be confusing for you as it contains many variables defined by me) Can anybody help please?
  5. Hello, when I draw this sketch in AutoCAD, I can't get the exactly same vertical dimensions. The original shows whole numbers for dimensions and I am getting numbers with decimals. Am I doing something wrong or are just dimensions on the original written with whole numbers? Tnx for help. Original drawing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1A8tnujmj3BNDVQMUQtM0lZTUk/view My drawing in AutoCAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1A8tnujmj3BeWZ0NXpVVHBaUFU/view
  6. Hi very new to Autocad here - I've just downloaded Autocad onto my laptop, but my laptops number keys don't work so I am using my online keyboard viewer for numbers. When drawing in Autocad and putting in dimensions, is it possible to do it with an online keyboard? Because everytime I want to type in a number in the command section, I have to move my arrow to the on screen keyboard and select the numbers and this makes the line move aswell. Any suggestions??
  7. Hi All, How is it possible to add file(s) to "CAD Standards" to check the current drawing for any violation via LISP? P.S. I have found a nice code to delete the previously added files from drawing, in the following address: Can you delete (DWS) files with a LISP routine? So many thanks to Blown Big Block and my dear friend, Lee Mac. ... But my question is still unanswered.
  8. mikeschawartskof

    Xref & Main Drawing

    I'm working in between the Xref and the Main drawing, but after I was done with the first Xref I noticed in the main drawing that is missing the created layers, for that reason, the view in the main drawing was completely wrong,even the created linetype didn't load to the main drawing. I attached a screen shot of the Xref and the main drawing. working with AutoCAD 2015.
  9. Hello Everyone, I am new to the industry and working on my first project involving a basic design which includes relocation of some existing electrical loads to a new switchboard and removing the existing switchboard. I was wondering if anyone could share some of their drawings (single line and floor plan) which I could use a reference. I would really appreciate the help. I am confused on how to create a existing oneline showing the demo stuff and create as-built drawings. Thank you
  10. Drawing List Report only brings up sheet numbers. I've just started using electrical and have had to hit the ground running with it, everything has been going fine until I try to edit the index created by drawing list report. I am in Glasgow working on one server, and I send complete work over to Belfast which they copy onto their server. The most annoying thing is that i only want to pull 'sheet number' and 'description' info for a table that would take me seconds to edit manually. Problem:- when I run a report it only lifts sheet numbers, (allegedly when i tranfer the files over to the belfast server they tell me it works first time). I have tried experimenting with other project files to the same end... the default DWGDESC field never lifts any info (i do change its name). I am new to this but my spider senses are tingling and i think maybe I am missing access to a file that they have stored on their server. Does anyone recognise this problem? I hope its glaringly obvious... help me obi wan... your my only hope...
  11. 10hi-f9s

    Cover from technical drawing

    Hello I hope you can help me. I am trying to draw a cover from a technical drawing. I have tried several approaches but I have yet to be succesful. Do you have any ideas how to draw this? I think some information may be lacking?
  12. I have been designing for 18 years and am tired of wasting time when importing surveys into my drawings. I have my own layer system for my home plans, and only use about 20 layers total. I like my drawings clean and simple. When a surveyor sends me the survey, their CAD file has about 50 layers, none of which I want or need. So what I have been doing for many years is spending about 30 minutes changing everything on the survey to layer 0 and then copy/pasting the survey into my drawing. The problem is, some of the surveyor's stuff is in blocks, so I also have to explode the block in order to change all the elements to layer 0. I would love to know if there is a simpler method to all this. I really don't like having 50+ layers in my drawings. I can consolidate everything on a survey into about 5 layers that I use (natural features, boundary and easement lines, buildings, flatwork, text, etc). Thank you for your help.
  13. 1r0nman

    Solidwork Drawing Help

    Hello I am looking for someone who is able to turn my Solidwork design in to a drawing so I can send them to the manufacture to be made. Please can some one help!!! Thanks 1r0nman:):)
  14. Hi all, I am writing a lisp program to work on drawings opened as DBX, but the program works on some drawings very slow. I find out that it is because of needing them to recovery or audit. How can I get some information from dbx opened file to know this? I appreciate any help Mehrdad
  15. CADTutorians, Does anyone know whether it is possible to open a password protected drawing via Visual LISP, and for positive answer how?
  16. Hello, I have a gigantic file size that I can't seem to iron out. The file is currently sitting at 13mb+ . I have tried clearing filters, purging the drawing, and even went as far as copying the lines I need to a new drawing. When I copied to a new drawing the file saved as 14mb+. I did a test and deleted everything from drawing, did a purge, and for some reason, the empty drawing is 13mb+. I am at wits end as to why this is occurring, any tips would be greatly appreciated. Due to the file size the drawing is really slow to work with.
  17. Hi Guys, I have attached 2 quick screengrabs of my drawing, one directly from CAD (CAD_Screengrab) & the plotted/print result (Plot_Screengrab). Basically I want the result of how it looks in CAD but I currently get nothing like it. The two issues I am having, firstly in the lower left elevation (hidden visual style) the dimms red text comes out very faded and pink. I have tried command 'XDWGFADECTL' but no difference. Then secondly in the top right isometric view I want it to print with the shades of grey effect but it comes out hidden. Much appreciated guys.
  18. Hi i have a drawing boarder that is a block with enter-able text fields for drawing revision etc but for some reason the order in which you would enter the rev's 1,2,3, etc is the wrong way round in the enhanced attribute box. So when i click and start typing i end up with 3,2,1 in the rev boxes. i hope this makes sense and someone can fix this annoying error i have.
  19. My workplace is 50/50 SW/ACAD and we are looking at how to make our output from both look as similar as possible. Does anyone know if you can somehow replace the standard section lines in solidworks? Something that looks like this instead of one of the two options within solidworks would be great: http://imgur.com/RhYRtiF I could right click then "Hide section line" and then manually put a block in its place but it would be good if the Letter in the block was linked to the view that was created by the hidden section line?? Wouldnt even mind if the reference text (yellow in the image) was an attribute and not linked.
  20. Generalising on an idea I've had for a while, I offer this program to allow you to import (humourously: 'steal') items from another drawing into the current drawing. Steal Upon running the program the user is prompted for a selection of a drawing to steal from, and, upon selection, a dialog appears detailing items available for import. The user may choose multiple items from a list of... Blocks Layers Linetypes Dimension Styles Text Styles Table Styles MLeader Styles MLine Styles Layouts Page Setups User Coordinate Systems Views Groups Layer States Scales Materials Viewports Drawing Properties Custom Properties ...should these collections contain any items which aren't already present in the current drawing. Dialog Preview A full description of the program and the latest version can be found here. Enjoy! Lee StealV1-8.lsp
  21. escobar147

    Drawing of I-beam?

    I am looking to find a sample drawing of how an I beam would connect to a masonry wall, I'm not sure how much detail to add. Does anyone know where to find sample drawings like this?
  22. This goes out to Architects, Engineers and designers who review drawings from other companies - eg. Contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers and the like. What fills you full of joy when you open a set of drawings? What fills you full of dread! Id really love to get your feedback on what you look for in a set of submittal drawings. Thanks in advance for your time. Paul
  23. Hey i'm in urgent need of a DWG file of a spoon made in AutoCAD 2011 If you could please supply a image and the DWG this would be the biggest favour in the world. Thank You
  24. Hi all, as you know there is a way to get a list of all opened drawings. (defun Get:OpenDrawings ( / *dwg* *acdocs*) (vlax-for <doc> (MT:vla-get-Documents) (if (eq "" (setq *dwg* (vla-get-fullname <doc>))) (setq *dwg* (vla-get-name <doc>))) (setq *acdocs* (cons (cons (strcase *dwg*) <doc>) *acdocs*)) ) (reverse *acdocs*) ) (Get:OpenDrawings) returns an assoc list of all opened drawings' ((name1 . vla-object1) (name2 . vla-object2) ... (nameN . vla-objectN)) Is there a way to get all opened drawings in current session as ObjectDBX?
  25. This is a question that comes up frequently. I'm sure that you all have your own opinion - based on your industry and your companies needs. I'm interested in hearing your views. Is accuracy important? Or is it a given that all drawings should be correct? Should drawings be done to a standard? Is it more important that your drawing are done on time, or within the budgeted hours? Does the CAD part of the job matter? If the information you need to communicate is on the page - that's good enough right? I'm interested to hear what you have to say.
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