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Dashed/Dotted lines Help. Spacing too wide?

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I am having problem with drawing dotted lines. I know how to draw them but the spacing between them is way too wide.


Please refer to the attachment for more information.


How do I get them to be more narrower? SOLA4012 Pluto205.dwg is my .DWG file. This may help experiencing the problem I have.




I am unsure if this is unit related. However, I have changed to "mm" setting. Yet, when drawing 1.000 unit of line it seems to be be 1 inch!? So I do not know what is going wrong. Please let me know.

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Please adjust the value of LTSCALE system variable. This control globally the appearance of dashed entities; to adjust that directly on entities check Linetype scale field in Properties.

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the variable that controls the spacing in lines is LTSCALE, change that to a value that suits you.


Thank you. Tiger.


...LTSCALE system variable. .... check Linetype scale field in Properties.


MSasu, very clear. I see the changement, problem solved. Thank you very much. This thread can be closed.

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i am not able to adjust the space. for instance the site line has a particular space. but the same is followed in the  drawing as well, which looks too big compared to the rest of the drawing.

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To increase the dashed line space set the global LTSCALE factor to a different value. Adjust directly on Linetype scale in Properties.




Chandu Akkani
Senior Design Associate Civil Engineer

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Starting with AutoCAD 2008, linetype scaling in model space is controlled by the variable MSLTSCALE and in paper space with PSLTSCALE.

The MSLTSCALE system variable controls whether or not linetypes displayed in the model tab are scaled based on the annotation scale.

0 = Linetypes displayed on the Model tab are not scaled by the annotation scale.

1 = Linetypes displayed on the Model tab are scaled by the annotation scale.

Note: MSLTSCALE Overrides LTSCALE and CELTSCALE in model space, but it doesn’t effect paper space, so it won’t change how geometry looks within the viewports.

The PSLTSCALE system variable controls the linetype scaling of objects displayed in paper space viewports.

0 = No special linetype scaling.

1 = Viewport scaling governs linetype scaling.



Dots in Linetypes looked great with pen plotters in years past but a zero length line doesn't display to well with modern plotters. There are still simple ways to create them.



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In addition to the  previous spot on suggestions, another two system variables to be aware of,

and check are MEASUREINIT and MEASUREMENT, as described in the screenshots.

Whenever saving .Dwg files to use later as .DWT (templates) due diligence is suggested.





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Yes as you say use acad.lin or Acadiso.lin ? 


They are text files open them up and look at the numbers they do make sense. Like 1/8"=0.125 0.375=3/8"

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