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scaffolding drawing


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What can I say? It was worth a shot.


Have you tried checking the website of a scaffolding manufacturer to see if they have CAD drawings available for downloading?

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Here is a program called "CAD for Falsework Scaffold and Shoring" but it is not free.




And another...




There are at least two other CAD programs that can be utilized for drawing scaffolding that I came across as well.


And finally, a block is available here...http://www.cadforum.cz/catalog_en/block.asp?blk=3111

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i find this dwg. a few hours... all is very simple thing...

more all the web site need pay the money...

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Your request for a CAD drawing of scaffolding contained no details to exactly what you needed so I did the best I could given the lack of information. I guess there aren't too many people interested in making their own drawings of scaffolding which accounts for the lack thereof. So, you have two choices: 1) buy a program or 2) make the drawings yourself.

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1) my company not buy the program 2) make the drawing. i do no the anything about scaffolding.

now, i just collect the drawing about scaffolding for the future use....


But very thank you information about thing..

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PON CAD is a powerful professional software to design of any type of scaffolding in 3D mode.


Have a look into the below site


ponteggicad.it/ descrizione_poncad_ponteggi_en.html


You can draw engineering AUTOCAD Scaffolding diagrams below reffered site will help you a lot.





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