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Lisp for AutoCAD 2012


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I'm in the process of switching over from 2004 to 2012. I have some Lisp routines that I use in 2004 and I'm wondering how to load them in 2012. In 2004 I just go to Tools/AutoLISP/load, but I don't see that in 2012. Thanks for the help!

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Welcome to CADTutor!


I personally use Acad.lsp, and AcadDoc.lsp (which are automagically loaded during session start, and drawing open respectively, if found in the Support File Search Path) to load all of our LISP customizations, but some still like to use the Startup Suite, using the Appload Command.

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I run ACAD 2012 at home and to load a LISP program I either:


1. Type appload at the command line and then select the file through the dialog box.

2. From the Tools Menu, select AutoLISP, Load Application.


I'm not sure why this is not showing up in your Tools menu. Make sure that the tools menu is expanded fully. Mine shows up fine.


If you wish to have the LISP files load automatically, follow the instructions in RenderMan's post.

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Thanks everyone. Appload worked for me and I was also able to find tools/autolisp/load once I switched to the autoCAD classic view. Yes...I'm brand new at 2012 so I feel like I'm on the bunny slopes again. :)

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