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Scaling and Dimensions


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Hi peeps,


Need some help regarding dimensions when it comes to detail drawings.

Imagine we have a line that is 12'-0" long drawn in (1/4" : 1'0"), now when I dimension it, it will say 12'-0". So let's say I want to scale the drawing to half of that to show in a (1/8" : 1'0") sheet.

But now when I dimension it, it says 6'-0", instead of staying at 12'-0" long. How can I keep the dimension same?



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You may fix that by adding an appropriate scale factor (2.0 in your case) for Primary Units in dimension style - call command DIMSTYLE, and select to edit the current style.

Alternatively can override this factor for selected dimension(s) in Properties.


But the best approach is to use Paper Space to control the scale - it will be also easier later when need to edit the said sketch.

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You should always create your drawing full size. Never use the scale command to change the physical scale of a drawing. It sounds like you want to change the plotted scale from 1/4"=1' to 1/2"=1'.


This should be done by changing the scale factor of the viewport on a layout (paper space).

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What everyone is trying to tell you is

"do not scale in model space always draw 1:1 and then you can scale to any size to any size of paper in paper space"


It saves alot of time in the long run thats for sure

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