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Lisp to create a polygon, giver the polygon a numeric label and return the area...


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Hello everyone. These days I am in need of a Lisp to boost my productivity.

What I am exactly looking for is a program capable of:

1. Create a polygon from lines - boundaries (like the BPOLY command) then

2. Create a Label to identify the polygon (like a numeric order of 1, 2 ,3..) and finally 3. Return the polygon area in a table or Excel file.


I found something at LeeMac's website but the lisp I've found there doesn't do step 2 (doesn't create the polygon by boundaries).


If someone could help me I would appreciate it.


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the link Steve, but actualy I need one more feature in that Lisp. The program doesn't create a polygon, it just gets the area.

What I exactly need is Lee Mac's Area-Label program with the capability of creating polygons instead of just getting the area.

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Use the BPoly / Boundary command on your boundaries, then use my program.


That's exactly what I am doing Lee. But, when you work with hundreds and sometimes thousands of polygons this method become a big waste of time. Because I have to create all polygons first and then select one by one to get their areas. Thanks anyway.

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