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  1. Dear members, Any lisp program or trick to make a area table From a plan. I want a area table with plot number text along with area . I will select all at time, the automatically generate area table. Please See the attached image. AREA TABLE OF POLYGON.dwg
  2. Version 2.1.12


    AreaTester is a free plug-in for AutoCAD. It allows you to quickly measure the area in AutoCAD and gives you advanced capabilities to process the results of the calculations in the further workflow (annotate the the areas in the drawing, convert the received data to different spreadsheet formats, etc.). The plugin calculates not only the areas of enclosed objects, such as a polyline or circle, but also any other shapes formed by the intersection and connection of various types of objects, which include lines, arcs, splines and many other AutoCAD basic objects. At the same time, to ca
  3. Hi I work in a company, people come to us with their plot registry, on which are the dimensions (north,east,south,west) and area of their plots. But there are no angles. For example, a plot of 25 * 10 meters with an area (according to the mathematical calculations) should be 250 square meters. But 244.95 is listed on the registry.My question is how do I quickly draw this plot (according to the registry) in AutoCAD? Is there any lisp for this?
  4. Debalance

    Calculating the area in AutoCAD

    Many users are faced with the task of calculating the area when editing various drawings in the process of working in AutoCAD. There are several ways to calculate the area in AutoCAD. Let's take a closer look at these methods and analyze their strengths and weaknesses. Getting the area value from the properties of an object. If such a enclosed shape is formed by one object, for example, a circle, enclosed polyline or region, then its area value can be getted from the properties of this object. The property palette can be opened pressing Ctrl + 1. The _LIST comman
  5. Hi all, I need a lisp shortcut to save me a whole lot of data entry. Basically I have 100 or so drawings, very similar in format. In each drawing there are some tables, with one of the tables containing some key information we need to extract. My thinking was that instead of typing them out all manually I could use lisp and EZscript to open each drawing, select the correct table (using a crossing window?) export the table to a spreadsheet in a specific folder, close the drawing and move on to the next one. (So there would be as many spreadsheets as drawings.) Thats the first challenge, the
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This AutoLISP file can be used to measure the total length or area of all polylines on a selected layer. Instructions on how to load and run this file in AutoCAD are given in this thread.
  7. Hello all I need a lisp to type the area of a geometry by picking an internal point.. thanx for all
  8. hhhhhhhanna3

    LISP Sq.Ft

    Hi All, Could anyone help me please?... I have been looking for a LISP file that calculates sq.ft. of a closed polyline and generates a sq.ft. text inside the polyline. Unit of the file that I am working on is metric, but I want sq.ft. instead of sq.mm.. Thank you so much in advance!
  9. bogeymen77

    simple area

    i'm looking for a simple area routine base on the dimension not the line. i want to be able to click on 2 cotation that i got from the dimlinear command and have the area "print" in a text format where i want to. I know a routine with a lot of visual lisp routine in it, but i'm looking a version with a standard/ basic lisp. thank you.
  10. Hopefully I am just unaware of a setting or method for doing this but so far the field command is handy but missing something. Associative updates. When a polyline is drawn and used for calculating the area the field command does a quick job of extracting that info into a field text element. Problem is when that polyline boundary is changed the "field text" that was established previously does not update. Is this even possible or am I S.O.L.?
  11. Hi All, I need some help here. I'v been using a autolisp (obtained from a friend) to calculate floor area with AutoCAD 2007. However recently I've upgraded my AutoCAD to 2013 and I realised the lisp coudn't function completely. I've attached the lisp file here, really hope someone can help to rectify so that it works for AutoCAD 2013. Fyi I knows nothing about writting lisp code... many thanks in advance! (not sure why this code looks so massive compared to others..) To share with those who may be interested, this lisp allows you to select multiple polylines (eg. floor area), follo
  12. We preparing an Area report of Land Acquisition and Utilization of Survey Boundaries along the Road Project area. First i create boundary command to which pick point acquired land in between ROW (Right of way) and then we use the area command to select polyline in Area Layer to put the manually in excel survey number and area one by one. It takes a lot of time to make it, so there is easy way to make it lisp or any program. sorry for my bad english thank you for support LUPUNGGUTU.xls PURANA CHAIBASA.xls Sample copy.dwg
  13. Is it possible to exclude from a vba macro for Autocad a specific region? For example, apply this macro not to all modelspace but only to a part (which has not lines as boundaries but defined only by position reference x,y in autocad). Thanks
  14. Hello everybody, This is my first post on CADTutor. I've been reading alot here even before I became a member, but it is time for me to join the community with a question since I cannot find the exact answer to mine. Question: Is it possible to sum numbers in Mtext fields created with lisps? AT.LSP OT.LSP I edited them to suit my needs with prefix and suffix and decimal precision (they are in the core the same, originally made by JTB), one is displaying area of selected polyline (AT.lsp) and the other perimeter/length (OT.lsp). I would like to preserve possibility of field updating so wh
  15. is there anyway to create report of some closed polyline and get the list of vertex each one closed polyline so i can have individual report of each closed polyline which i have in a specific layer ? thank in advance
  16. i want to modified "area" command. see below picture. Click the first point. Click the second point. Click to third point, moving the mouse pointer along the line, the green part of the area, showing the edit is a must.
  17. how to divide a polygon into 3 equal polygons (same area or we known area)? I wanted to divide the polygon shown in the screenshot below into equal 3 polygons (with same area), but I couldn't figure out if these is some commands or workflow to perform this issue is the "trial and error" is the only technique by which this issue can be done? thank you in advance, regards malkasun
  18. I'm working in millimeters and whenever I use the AREA command I end up with a large number. I want to know if you can customize the AREA command somehow to show meters squared automatically.
  19. Hello Everyone, I'm new on forum. I search for a very simple LISP which inserts (on centre in object or bottom, no matter) text with AREA and PERIMETER from RECTANGULAR or closed LINES. e.g. area - "1,23 m2" and perimeter - "2,45 m" Best when I can select more objects and than for the all selected the text will be written. And this function for the two parameter should be writen together. Not that I must first use one command than second. The font height should be possible to change. Precission should be: 0,001m or 0,01m. Could anyone help me? Sorry for my english Th
  20. I don't know if this requires a lisp or a script solution.. I regularly work on multi-tabbed drawings. I often encounter situations where on a tab, the extents are much smaller than the title block. The title block extends off/beyond the existing extents (defined by the hidden/dashed line.) Is that the printable area or the extents? What I typically do is: zoom extents, Go to plot, change something such as: unpick the fit to paper check box, pick it again (so that something changes) Pick Apply to layout button then hit Cancel. The extents of the drawing then automatica
  21. Hi, everybody I just want to ask how to make my drawing as region that cover the close area. When i select the circle object and tooth object, it not become a region . I already connect all the line but its not working.Hope that everybody in here can help. 9_8 autocad kecikkkan tooth.dwg
  22. Hello everyone, I am having a bit of an issue when using the AREA command. I've noticed that the UCS (User Coordinate System) changes when I attempt to take the area of an existing object (when I trace over a rectangle, for example). The changes to the UCS are dramatic, the drawing zooms out and rotates depending on how I traced the object. The change occurs when I click the third time. This reminds me of setting a new UCS where you would first select the x-axis direction with two clicks followed by the direction of the y-axis with one click. There is no change to UCS when I trace out an a
  23. HELLO AGAIN CADTutor! I have a problem of weather of not you can change the accuracy of the calculation of areas in AutoCAD 2011. In my line of work, we need to find the areas to exact precision, though it seems that my AutoCad is messing with the calculations and rounding up. E.G AREA - .017666 and turns it into .002 I calculate the Area thorught the usage of Polylines, and or the area command when i need to. Can anyone please help me find some insight on to this, mabye to change it to give me EXATE AREA!? Any and all help is greatly appreciated, those who are dee
  24. I am new and need a good resource. I've figured some things out, but am struggling with what appears to be a very valuable tool... the area tool. I found many references to the boundary tool, but that looks more complicated. I have figured out how to mark the corner and press enter, but the output is for example 1.7 sq ft vs. what should be approx 35K sq ft. I tried to change the units, but that didn't seem to make a difference. Please help. Thank you.
  25. I need help to calculate area of multiple closed polyline shapes. In my drawing I could have hundreds of shapes as shown in the picture. I want to find total of the shaded area by adding the area of the outer shapes. Then subtracting the area of the Inner shapes. Maybe there is a better way to do it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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