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Scale Factors - Imperial and Metric

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For those of you struggling with viewport scale factors this list might prove beneficial.



Scale Factors – AutoCAD model space drawing using a paper space viewport.


Imperial (architectural)


12”=1’ 1xp

9”=1’ 3/4xp

6”=1’ 1/2xp

4”=1’ 1/3xp

3”=1’ 1/4xp

1”=1’ 1/12xp

¾”=1’ 1/16xp

½”=1’ 1/24xp

3/8”=1’ 1/32xp

¼”=1’ 1/48xp

3/16”=1’ 1/64xp

1/8”=1’ 1/96xp

3/32”=1’ 1/128xp

1/16”=1’ 1/192xp


Imperial (engineering)


1”=2000’ 1/24000xp

1”=1000’ 1/12000xp

1”=500’ 1/6000xp

1”=200’ 1/2400xp

1”=100’ 1/1200xp

1’=60’ 1/720xp

1”=50’ 1/600xp

1”=40’ 1/480xp

1”=30’ 1/360xp

1”=20’ 1/240xp

1”=10’ 1/120xp




1:5 1/5xp

1:10 1/10xp

1:20 1/20xp

1:30 1/30xp

1:40 1/40xp

1:50 1/50xp

1:100 1/100xp

1:200 1/200xp

1:500 1/500xp

1:1000 1/1000xp

1:2000 1/2000xp


How to use. Make viewport active. Invoke Zoom command, Scale option, press Enter, input nXP scale factor type, for example, 1/96xp then press Enter.

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Also for metric if you have the viewports toolbar open when you jump into a layout viewport a number will appear in the little box zoom to about what you want this number displayed is the current scale factor just enter the correct scale number easier than 1/100xp the number is simple 1000/scale


1:100 10

1:200 5

1:250 4

1:500 2


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