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[Please Help] Rendering armor for a 2.5D game project

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Hey there guys.

Me and two friends are deving this 2.5D game, me being in charged with modeling. I have ran into a bit of a pickle and I am wondering if any of you can help.


Ok so, I have modeled the 3d chars, made walking animation and rendered them for 4 directions. What I want to do now is to dress them up, but i am unsure of a thing: as I want them to be paperdolled in the game client, it means that I need to model armor pieces, attach to current animation, hide the body model and render them BUT when I do this, I get the whole armor piece, not only the visible part.. (as the armor layer will be put OVER the body layer in the game client, it would not look right if the pieces that should normally be hidden by the head, par example, are in fact still shown).


Any idea how I could go around this without having to manually delete in photoshop the parts that should be normally hidden by the body?


Thanks in advance.

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