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VisualLISP .vlx file


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I am trying to update menses, tools, and LISP routines from autoCAD 2000 to 2011. I was able to load and update most of them except 4 LISP routines. When I open the routine in VisualLISP all I get is a bunch of characters. It does not matter if I use autoCAD 2000 or 2011 to open the routines, it would not show its content.

Does anyone know what might be the issue? How to fix it?


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Welcome to CADTutor!


VLX is compiled LISP code, and cannot be opened to view the source code. In order to modify the routine(s) included within a VLX, or FAS (another compiled format), one must have the source code.


If you do not have the source code available, try to contact the author to obtain. If you cannot obtain the source .LSP code, then you must code a replacement routine yourself.


Good luck! :beer:

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Thank you for your response RenderMan

That is what I was afraid of. The guy that did retired some time ago. We are trying to get a hold of him, but without his help means that my only options is to spend weeks to redo the code? They told me that he spend weeks on it :(

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You're welcome.


Like you, I am unsure of what the source code is, or how complex it is... Just because it took weeks to develop the first time, does not mean that it will the second.


If the routine accomplished something 'new' and hadn't been coded before (by them), then there was some learning and trouble shooting necessary. You at least have the knowledge of exactly what the routine does (albeit from a user perspective), which is invaluable.


More information is needed to assist you further... Such as specifics about what the routine does, etc.. The more information the better.


You might also consider posting the VLX. Folks usually do not load compiled code (because we have no idea what's in it?!), but someone may be willing to risk it, you never know.



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one of the routine has 4 files to it. one is an .arx, .fas, .prv, and .vlx The only file that I can see is the prv file. There is a syntax error in it "; error: bad syntax of function call: (:TARGET . "dimspace.VLX")"

What the routine did was dividing the length in equal spaces and auto edit the dimension to say ( X SPA @ X" ) this is only one of the routine.

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Good learning message here for others if you have someone code for you make sure you pay for source code, else you are held to ransom even on upgrades. If you buy a third party product you may need a daylight clause in event of company ceasing you can get source code then. It is a grey area someone writing code if on company time the company own it if done at home and brought into office who owns ?


Back to your problem describe your programs what they did.

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