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Found 12 results

  1. How does everybody store their functions they use over and over? I'd like to start building a library of typical functions but am not sure how to build the document to store them for easy retrieval as needed. J. Logan
  2. Hello, guys! I have a little question... Is there some way to open / edit a drawing with autolisp without display that drawing? For example... When we are working with VBA, we can use the code ActiveWindow.Visible = False to not show the active window. Can we do something like it in autolisp?
  3. Hi all, today, when I tried to compile my visual lisp project into a single VLX file, visual lisp opened an alert box (with 'STOP' in the title of it) showing me: Making Error occured Assertion failed: Invalid PDB position then in the visual lisp console printed the follwing: . . . ... l÷óæÝzî{è÷Ý y™zñæÝkñ}ðõÛnsêgê’ªàxñá¢ysâmûà·sæ`ê÷Çk™gûæÝvípñå´~÷q“Œ£|ƒBÒÓÊ3J×éÛ‰'PÔgÊÓ“&î`„á¢ô}ðö¨l÷uê÷Ê}{ìw„û©vçqžÿ³ylæ`„å®{ìcíæ¦zŽ úý¤yvà{ðû½î`„åµ kæîà¨zñ`÷÷´cr÷ù÷³yoñ{î÷µvæg„ü¦zƒsíÿ£yxæ`„âµoæfêëÝ~ïaûŽÊvð`“Œ« l÷óæÝmê`ûˆ« qæ€ñ´yêxû’ªôf÷æ¢yoñ{î÷µvæg„þ¦zñgžÿ³yhñ}ê÷Ýmìdûà³ zðê÷¿l÷mò÷´cr÷éà®z™dìý·m÷}ûáÝvíqêë·lƒyꈰv÷q„âµoæfêû¢áxññ¬î`„õ¢ô}ðˆ·pçaýæ©ræóæÝz÷ì÷ {çfûá´ysìwÿþª|ë}ð÷Ývízꈤmñqðæ±mð}ñüÎxè«”7½; ; error: Assertion failed: Invalid PDB position ; Make aborted and aborted compilng... Any one knows what is the matter?
  4. CADTutorians, Does anyone know whether it is possible to open a password protected drawing via Visual LISP, and for positive answer how?
  5. A company in Iran employs people with Visual Lisp (Auto Lisp) programming knowledge and abilities. The advantages of this job depends on employee qualifications. Qualified persons please reply to this thread to receive more information. Thanks. Mohammad
  6. Hey All, Okay so I have s dynamic block (green in my example) that is built in the x-y plane. I can change its length, width, extend it and rotate it about the base point. Yada yada yada. Bunch of feature that the company I work for needs. When we insert it into a 3D model we position it such that the Y axis becomes the Z axis and the the X axis can be anywhere within the the X-Y plane. I am trying to create a lisp that will move it relative to a second block (red in my example). Does any know a way to get the rotational information for the dynamic blocks. I can't use the "Rotation" from the misc section since it operate in the blocks x-y plane instead of the models x-y plane. I created an image below with Axis. To hopefully clarify. These aren't the actual blocks just example shapes. Hopefully someone can help. I have tried a few things without success.
  7. I am trying to update menses, tools, and LISP routines from autoCAD 2000 to 2011. I was able to load and update most of them except 4 LISP routines. When I open the routine in VisualLISP all I get is a bunch of characters. It does not matter if I use autoCAD 2000 or 2011 to open the routines, it would not show its content. Does anyone know what might be the issue? How to fix it? Thanks
  8. My Visual LISP's 2 last menu lables changed to "st error" and "request error" while I was researching on (getpropertyvalue) function.
  9. Hello friends, how is it possible to get all blocks in a drawing and use them entirely in current session, without opening it. I mean something like ADCenter via VisualLISP.
  10. Trying to run any visual lisp code in AutoCAD 2007, but end up in getting an error. ; error: ActiveX Server returned an error: Error loading type library/DLL Is it a virus which is causing problem ? Becuase on other PC with same AutoCAD 2007 I don't get above error.
  11. Hi everyone, how is it possible to find out any drawing is read only due to being opened by other one, without opening it?
  12. Hi All, is it a way to use vba code directly from within Visual LISP? Assume that we use this visual lisp code: (vla-addcustominfo (vla-get-summaryinfo (vla-get-activedocument (Vlax-get-acad-object)) ) "Key" "Value" ) Is it possible to use: ActiveDocument.SummaryInfo.AddCustomInfo "Key" "Value" inside visual lisp program?
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