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Basic question: Cut holes from a block


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Dear all,


I am new to AutoCad. I have some experience in other CAD software. Now I need to use AutoCad for a very basic task.


I need to create a block (10 (x) x 10 (y) x 20 (z) ) start from (0,0,0), and then create a hole (3 units depth, radius = 0.2) at (x=2.1,y=3.3,z =20) go into the block. After that create another hole (2 units depth, radius = 0.1) at (x=10,y=6.4,z=5.5) also go into the block. I can create the block, I also use dynamic UCS to put the coordinate on the face of the block.


However, I don't know how to accurately put the base point of the "circle" on the face of the block. I can only do "Click on the face" to start the base point. This is no accurate at all. I also try to put 3D location instead. In this case, the base point is fine, but the radial direction of the circle always has error. Please help.

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So,if I understood well, you know the relative location of said hole measured from one corner of the block. You have (at least) three options:


  1. Place the UCS to a face and from there input the coordinates of hole's center - keep in mind that the corner where you placed the UCS is the new origin. May be useful in this case to display the USC in his current location.
  2. Create the hole (to be precise, the cylinder you want to extract as hole) in the corner of the block and call next the MOVE command to locate it at the desired location - use relative coordinates for this (@).
  3. Use the From command modifier; just press + right click and chose it from contextual menu; next indicate the corner of the block and input the dispacement to hole's center - dont forget that require relative coordinates (@)

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I tried to put the UCS like the attached picture and then use 'circle' command. After I put numbers into the dynamic inputs. The location goes to unknown point. I have no clue what is going on. As you can seen in the attached picture, the 'current point on the plane' is (-2.68, 0.6992). It is not reasonable because X should be positive. I have no clue what is the -2.68. Please help




Note the corner point of the block is (x,y,z) = (5,2,-2)

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Set your UCSFOLLOW variable value to 1, or you can set your PERSPECTIVES by using the VIEWS toolbar, in which way you will find this all much easier.

Draw your geometry on the faces of the solid using those orthogonal views from the VIEWS toolbar.

When you are ready to start using the PRESSPULL command to create the holes or protuberances, choose an ISOMETRIC perspective first,

also from the VIEWS toolbar.

Once your geometry is laid out on the face, don't bother using direct distance entry to punch the holes, if they are meant to go all the way through

your 3D solid, just select the circle on the face when prompted by the PRESSPULL command, then move it in the correct direction until it comes out the other side,

and your hole will be completed. Better yet just watch this video, and you will see how easy it is.

The first 3:30 seconds are about the EXTRUDE command, then the expanation of PRESSPULL starts.

I hope that helps you. :)


Having just reread your first post I see that these are Blind Holes, so go ahead and use your direct data entry, after you have indicated the direction in which you want them to go.

Turn on your CENTER OSNAPS to help you layout your hole locations accurately.

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Thanks Msasu and Dadgad


The way I do now is turn on UCSFOLLOW as DAdgad said , then move my UCS to the corner to create my component and then use move command as Msasu said. Thanks again

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