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Basic question: How to edit the location and radius of a hole in a block?


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I check online that AutoCad should have a 'grips' function, but I cannot use it because 1) I cannot find the grips and 2) I want to move the hole into an accurate position. I want to do the following simple task. Please first read the attached picture. Assume now I want to edit 3D model by changing the hole center to another location and double the radius. How I can do those? (I could not find any properties to edit)



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You can use the SUBOBJECTS SELECTION option in the right click shortcut menu.

Choose FACE, then click on the inside bored face of the hole and you will be able to

reposition it, either by dragging the GRIP, or by DIRECT DATA ENTRY. :)


After selecting it as above you can also select the SCALE command from the right click shortcut menu and scale it by a factor of 2 to double the radius.

If you wanted to change the DEPTH you would just use the PRESSPULL command.

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If the "hole" did not begin as it's own "object" that was subtracted, your options for Grip editing will be limited, as would be the case if the solid was created with PRESSPULL. I don't recall the exact 3D capabilities of AutoCAD2007, but I think you'd have to use SOLEDIT>MOVE>FACES and SOLEDIT>OFFSET>FACES to modify the existing object as you've described. Personally, I'd probably delete the hole and recreate it at the correct location and diameter.

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