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Macro for custom property of total number of piercings in a part


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I have been trying to create a macro that would add a custom property to my sheet metal parts that would tell me the total number of piercings in the part (holes and punches). So far I have the punches to count correctly but I am having issues with the holes, as I am getting an error. Any ideas?


Sub Piercings()
 'Get the part doc and sheet metal component defn.  No error handling:
 Dim oPartDocument As Inventor.PartDocument
 Set oPartDocument = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument
 Dim oSheetMetalComp As Inventor.SheetMetalComponentDefinition
 Set oSheetMetalComp = oPartDocument.ComponentDefinition
 'Dim oHoles As Inventor.HoleTables
 'Set oHoles = oPartDocument.ComponentDefinition

 'Get the pierce count
 Dim iHoleCount As Integer
 'iHoleCount = oHoles.Count
 Dim iPunchCount As Integer
 iPunchCount = oSheetMetalComp.FlatPattern.FlatPunchResults.Count
 Dim iPierceCount As Integer
 iPierceCount = iHoleCount + iPunchCount

 'Get the custom property set
 Dim oCustomProps As Inventor.PropertySet
 Set oCustomProps = oPartDocument.PropertySets.Item("Inventor User Defined Properties")

 'Define the name of the PIERCING count iproperty name:
 Dim sPiercePropName As String
 sPiercePropName = "PIERCINGS"

 'See if we already have an iproperty for the PIERCING count
 Dim oPierceProp As Inventor.Property
 Dim oProp As Inventor.Property
 For Each oProp In oCustomProps
   If oProp.Name = sPiercePropName Then
     'We already have an iproperty, we just need to write the new value
     Set oPierceProp = oProp
     oPierceProp.Value = iPierceCount
     Exit Sub
   End If
 Next oProp

 'We don't have an iproperty, so we create it and set its value
 If oPierceProp Is Nothing Then Set oPierceProp = oCustomProps.Add(iPierceCount, sPiercePropName)
End Sub

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