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Possibility of setting up film/movie projects in 3DS max 2011, > as SD *.avi > PPro?

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This is what someone on another forum that I belong to told me in response to my question:


Note: the "PPro" here means Adobe Premiere Pro. I have PPro v2, Adobe After Effects v7, and I might have on hand (if I actually have it in a flash drive somewhere among my computer stuff) a later version of PPro, and After Effects


So I set up my projects in maya with the idea that in the end I will export it for SD to go into cs3 with that...

Consequently I have several options on the exports from maya...

a) numbered still images

b) avi movie



I have found that the numbered still images are nice to work with in cs3.


So I set up the project in cs3 for export to SD, which means even though I'm using numbered stills from maya ( with alpha channel ) I set up my project as SD NTSC 720x480 and choose par to suit my 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio ( usually I use 16:9 with par of 1.2 ).

Then I also choose a video renderer in new project that matches what I'm going to export more or less ( usually lagarith avi ).


In CS3 the alpha channel comes in with the numbered stills and that is where I drop in whatever background images or stuff I want to add ( like what you were saying about using chroma key to make a new sky ... the alpha channel is transparent, so you just add that sky without chroma key necessary ).


wav files are nice to work with in CS3 and I've never had any problems with them.


hope some of this helps and good luck and have fun !


and I'm first of all, wondering if I can set the movie up in 3DS max 2011, export it as SD *avi footage/movie, and import it into my PPro v2/After Effects v7?


Thanks in advance.

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I don't have any real experience with animation or movie making, but hopefully someone else here will have some tips for you.

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