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Bill Of Materials and pipe length?


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Here is my basement file with two tables. https://dc1.safesync.com/LMFjDWth/OMC_SEI_CORD_L00_V04_2012-09-15.dwg?a=HB_npmPR0rk


Thanks for taking a look. The strut members are in a different file that is x-refed into this one so they are not part of the coordination. There is a few down the one hallway because it is packed with mechanical equiptment.

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The problem with your schedules is your units. There is a mismatch from what the property set is exporting to what your schedule is expecting. Your property set is exporting inches but your schedule is expecting feet. For instance, the fourth item down in your length schedule is only showing 7" but in reality it is trying to show 7'-3 7/16".


To make it work I copied the Unit -Distance Inches - Tenths format in your drawing and changed it from decimal to architectural and then assigned it to your Length column in the schedule and then the length reported correctly. There is probably another way to come up with the same result but that is the way that I know.

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I don't know why I did not get an e-mail notice of your post so I am replying late.


Thanks for the info. Your response got me digging into things that cleared up other questions that I had about property sets.


I don't know if it is the drawing being a little corrupt or what, but some of the lengths have commas in them that are not supposed to be there. I audited the drawing, purged mep objects and a normal purge, but they are still there. It looks real confusing when exported to excel. It does not do it when set back to tenths. It is a minor problem on only a few cells and they are small lengths. This is good enough to get material list from.

I also tried your method on a small test drawing where I knew the lengths of four conduits. I was doing it fast and messed up the lenghts of some. so I deleted them. When the schedule was made it showed more quantity than what was there. It didn't go away no matter what I did, purge etc... I remember the post about phantom loads and figured it is probably the same type of thing. Although that problem was fixed by purging MEP objects.


Well we will just order the conduit light although we should probably through 10% in for waste.

Thanks again

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I am running 2013


I am trying to create the new schedule as described. I am not able to add a column though?


I created a new schedule style, checked include quanity column....and thats as far as I can go.

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Do you have anything checked in the "applies to tab"? If the schedule does not apply to anything you won't be able to add any columns.

You will only be able to add columns to what you have property definitions for. So when I applied it to pipe, the standard amount of property definitions is 23. so 23 columns should be available to choose from. If you schedule all 23 the add column grays out and can't be used any more.

You can add your own property definitions to the pipe property set or start your own set that is more refined to the properties you need. Instead of all 23 copy the few you need and add your custom ones, and apply your schedule to that.

You can apply the schedule to more than one thing on the applies to tab. for myself I can choose conduit or conduit fittings or both.

I thought I read here that if you can draw it you can schedule it so the possibilities are endless!!!


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Ok, not sure why yesterday it wouldnt work...but first thing this morning, doing the exact same steps it it lets me get to the add column part. So i've done that.


However, the next step would be to add a column for cut length. Under pipe object.


I dont see "pipe object". The only choice it is displaying is supplier name.

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OK.. tried schedules, and now the BOM command.. and I get a LOT of data.. I want to do a whole floor BOM for cross checking with estimating.


Is there a way for it to group items by name and give a count.. ? Seems to do it for a few items but not all.


I just want a list with the different elbows, etc.. and a quantity.


Rioght now I am forced to export to excell and run formulas and such to get totals. Its annoying, I know it can be easier if I knew how to modify the XML of the BOM routine or could get the schedule to do the job properly.

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