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viewports automatically rescaling when clicking in other viewports - ACAD 2012


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Hi All

I have just installed 2012 and have drawn a 3d model.

In paperspace i have a couple of viewports , all nicely set out at 1:5 scale.

then i click in another viewport and bam, all the other viewports change scale (zoom out) and orientation.

is there some system variable that i have overlooked?



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hi, no i didn't lock the viewports, never really had too until i wanted to.

nothing has changed since yesterday except -purged the drawing drawn in ACAD 2009.


haven't had a look at viewbase yet.

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You have the VP layer viewport frozen in both of the viewports.

I am not sure why you need that, as the VP layer is nonprinting.

And you have your viewcube settings set to zoom extents upon a viewchange. :)

You can right click on the viewcube and change that.


I greatly prefer using the VIEWPORT CONTROLS to the viewcube.

If you have them turned one, they will display in the upper left corner of any active viewport. :wink:

viewcube settings.jpg

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Have same problem at work on old machine running LT 2000. Dont think this has a viewcube. Is there a setvar that will disable auto zoom extents all viewports? A pain having to remember to lock and unlock viewports every drawing change.


Time is your biggest asset.

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