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How can I create a tag to show the height at the centre of the pipe?


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There are just a lot of services in a very small space. The more accurate I can make it the better I guess. It's not essential, but if there's a way to make a tag to add the heights then I'm best being as accurate as I can. If it's going to add a lot of time to making up the drawing then it's probably not worth it, because like you say, it won't be built to those tolerances. Up till now in AutoCAD/CAD Duct Solids I've always shown the height at the fitting, it would just be handy to be able to keep doing it.

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I'm all for accuracy in drawing but I've been taught that there is such a thing as being too accurate in labeling. It can lead to delays in construction if it is called out on the drawing and the fitters take too much time trying to be so accurate.


I don't understand why the tag won't pick up the elevation shown in the properties. Have you tried the formula for getting the elevation at the midpoint of the pipe and applying it to the fitting tag?

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Missed that post.


I don't see how/why you would want to tag the mid point of the angled/sloped elbow since the pipe from either side is at a different height. It's only a 4mm difference. Who's checking it for this tight tolerances?? Surely if they're this picky, they'll understand that the elbow is angled/sloped to follow the slope of the piping system.


I think it's being too accurate to the point of over-complicating the drawing almost to being counter-productive.

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