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Hatch grrips


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I recently upgraded from Autocad 2011 to Autocad 2012. When editing hatch in 2011 I used to be able to single click the hatch pattern, and then use one of the many grips to edit it, but now, when single clicking the hatch pattern in Autocad 2012, only one grip appears in the centre, in the form of a blue dot?




How do I set my Autocad 2013 to behave as it did in Autocad 2011?




Thanks in advance

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That's good to hear.


Keep in mind that whenever you have something that worked one day and not the next it might involve nothing more than resetting a system variable. You can do an Internet search to help solve the problem. Using your recent problem as an example one would type "autocad"+"hatch"+"grips" in the search engine then view the list of hits looking for some clue that might lead you to a solution. The other alternative is to become a system variable geek, like Dadgad, and practically memorize them all. But beware, you may fry your brain. Only the strongest and most mentally prepared amongst us are capable of such a feat! LoL

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Thanks for the compliment ReMark,

but that sounds to me like a case of 'the BOT calling the kettle ........', :beer:

as the saying goes.


Courtesy of my beloved SYSVDLG express tool,

it is easy to appear a geek, and feign actual knowledge.


It is still a good idea for everybody to SAVE a .svf file there,

which will save all of your favorite system variable settings,

against just such an inevitability. :)

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95 percent of them would likely be the defaults, but the other 5% that make the program

purr along just as you want it to, those are the ones that you would miss.

No need to even look at nor understand the file, just let the software READ and restore all your personal favorite settings

if you ever do have a problem. :)

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