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Acad 2D drawing Import to Solidworks with units default to Millimeters


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Always been a problem for me. If you want the Import box to say mm instead of Inches in Solidworks.

This is really strange:

In Autocad type 'DDIM' (for the 'Dimension Style Manager') in the command line - click your current dimension style in the 'Styles' list so it is highlighted. Click the 'Modify' button. Click the 'Alternate Units' Tab.


Click the tick box for 'Display alternate units' to turn it on

under 'Multiplier for Alt Units' make it:

25.4 for Inches

1.0 for Centimeters

0.1 for Millimeters


Now Click the tick box for 'Display alternate units' to turn it off

Now click OK button.


Seems a strange place to take the variable from as it has no relievence to units as I had my units set to mm from the start.

If you are having this problem - give it a go! Easier than writing a macro in solidworks as I have done that as well!

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