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Im getting the wrong area! Help as its Job related!


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HELLO AGAIN CADTutor! :shock:


I have a problem of weather of not you can change the accuracy of the calculation of areas in AutoCAD 2011.


In my line of work, we need to find the areas to exact precision, though it seems that my AutoCad is messing with the calculations and rounding up.


E.G AREA - .017666 and turns it into .002 :geek:


I calculate the Area thorught the usage of Polylines, and or the area command when i need to.


Can anyone please help me find some insight on to this, mabye to change it to give me EXATE AREA!? :x


Any and all help is greatly appreciated, those who are deemed awesome get a virtual cake, and the cake is NOT a lie....o:)

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[ATTACH=CONFIG]37261[/ATTACH]What do you have Units precision set to?


I figured it out, it seems that the precision in the UNITS was set off......


and the problem is solved.


Though is there a way to make it go from .000 to .0000 in polylines only? or will have to keep switching back and forth for the amount of decimal places that i want


JD Mather gets the Cake! :D

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