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Circles will not trim with the ucs rotated from "world"


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Perhaps someone here has seen something similar. Using 2011 mechanical, I have rotated my ucs about the x-axis 90deg. I then draw a circle with a line thru it. I can trim the line to the circle but I cannot trim the circle to the line. I have verified the objects are co-planer and, in fact, do intersect. I have repeated the same process using 2009 mechanical on this machine and it works fine. I have tried the same process on a co-workers machine running 2011 mechanical and again it works fine. I have created a new drawing and copied all of my geometry into the new file...no joy. I have also ran the "repair install" from the control panel and again no change. Any ideas?

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Just a follow up. I never found the solution to this. I upgraded to 2013 and have not had the problem since. I think the install of AutoCad 2011 somehow gotten corrupted.

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10 years later, having the same problem with autocad 2022. this time because i upgraded from 2019... my plan is a student plan which means i don't have access to 2019 anymore. my workflow is destroyed

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