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ACADE - Layout viewports that do not scale.


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Program: AutoCAD 2011 and 2012 Electrical (networked versions).


Problem: Created a second layout and one viewport (size: Fit). Verified that the viewport is not locked. Double-click inside viewport. Try to change scale. Option is grayed out. Click on viewport frame; check Properties. Option to change scale is grayed out.:?


What is funny is the viewport back in Layout1 does not exhibit the problem. What is even funnier is if Layout1 is copied the viewport can be scaled. Delete the viewport, create a new one and it cannot be scaled!:o


Anyone here seen this behavior either in AutoCAD Electrical or plain AutoCAD?


I have not been able to reproduce this behavior on my computer in either version of vanilla AutoCAD. I told the electrical engineer it must be something he did but he swears he isn't knowledgeable enough to have purposely created the problem.


I think he's testing me.:ouch:

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I may have stumbled upon a possible explanation. The viewport might have PERSPECTIVE enabled. Now I have to confirm on the engineer's system when he returns from lunch. I'll be back.8)


Confirmed. PERSPECTIVE was set to "1" not "0" as I had thought it would be. But why? Well as it turns out the engineer was using the acad3d.dwt which comes with PERSPECTIVE set to "1" unlike me who uses the acad.dwt which comes with PERSPECTIVE set to "0". I should have known!:ouch::lol:

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