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DesignScript for AutoCAD - Anyone Using It?

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Hi All,


This is something I've waited for since December 2010 when I first learned about it: http://designplaygrounds.com/deviants/about-generative-design-platforms-by-mark-loomis/




This plug-in to AutoCAD does the same thing that Grasshopper does for Rhino: computational generative design. Before you get too excited however, it seems to be purely language based, not visually component based like Grasshopper. This means that it will probably be harder to learn how to use. I'm hoping that my Grasshopper skills will be somewhat transferable, we'll see how it goes.


Another thing to note is that DesignScript only works in AutoCAD 2013 64 bit running on Windows 7. If you're using a 32 bit system it won't work. If your OS is something other than Windows 7 it probably won't work.


Anyone else out there using it?

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Hi there,


I've been playing around with Grasshopper for a couple of years, design script looks intriguing and I’m much more comfortable with AutoCAD than Rhino (and have free access).

How you getting on with DesignScript, Mr Generator? Do you think it's worth investigating further or have you just stuck with Grasshopper?


' Anyone else out there using it? '

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Hello JWhelp,


Wow! I posted this so long ago that I’d forgotten about it!


To answer your question, I played around with DesignScript when it first came out and I was frustrated with its lack of intuitiveness. I was at a previous employer at the time where I had access to AutoCAD 2013. At my current employer I’m using AutoCAD 2012 so DesignScript isn’t an option for me anymore.


I have however kept up with the updates about DesignScript and I have learned that it was recently combined with Dynamo. Dynamo is a visual programming application which is very similar to Grasshopper that is designed to run in Vasari or Revit.


From what I understand, the combination of DS with Dynamo has allowed a hybrid programming environment where you can visually program or add conventional scripting to the definition where it’s more appropriate to do so. Rhino Grasshopper has this same functionality with its Python components add-on.


DesignScript also now has a stand-alone version that is independent of AutoCAD. The only problem is that you can’t use it to bake geometry. You can only use it to create definitions which then have to be imported into AutoCAD 2013 64 bit or better in order to realize the resulting geometry. This may have changed but the last time I checked this was the case. To me, the stand-alone version should allow you to bake the geometry so that you could use the results in older versions of AutoCAD!


That said, I still think DS is worth investigating if you have access to AutoCAD 2013 64 bit or better. Like you, I’m more comfortable with AutoCAD than I am with Rhino and I wish I still had access to DS. Please let me know how it goes for you!

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Hi everyone:

I've been using DesignScript. Got into translating the DesignScript Language manual, which uses the (DSE) DesignScript Editor

Script files *.ds, and put them into DesignScript Studio graph node form. Those were posted over on the Autodesk labs DesignScript community forum. As of the late I've been posting translations of the DSE sample files which have problems on the forum as well. All the translations are slowly being posted on a blog available for downloading for anyone who is interested.

Love to know what you guys think.





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Been using Designscript since last summer. Posted here a couple of times and gave links to translations of sample files from the DesignScript Editor. Being new to this forum, guess the links were never approved. If one would like to learn Designscript go over to the Autodesk Designscript Community forums. There is a translation of the DesignScript Language Manual to DesignScript Studio. As well as current postings translations of the sample files from the DSE and the problems that have been encountered. It really is an amazing program that is still in it's Alpha stage.

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