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Help putting text on a model


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Hi there

Im hoping someone may be able to help me here, Im designing some new speakers

and i have taught myself enough using alibre to get buy up to now, i have one last part that i need some inset logo put on and was wondering if anyone would be able to put it on for me using 3Ds if i sent them the 3d file, as in alibre you cant put text around a curved surface





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Raudel Solis

create text,


make visible to render and viewport.

add bend modifier.


you can also convert to an editable poly and fine tune with soft selection using vertices

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Raudel Solis

bahaha.. well he did post it under max, i just read text and wrap around, so yeah...


maybe if he exports his file to something max recognizes i can export him back a file into something alibre recognizes...

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