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It pays to be a nerd: nerding out for CAD!


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At my last job, most of sat for 8 hours just drafting telephone line routes. For a CAD position, it lacked in creativity and thus did not give a lot of people a chance to shine. Many people who worked there were and still are people who had never heard of CAD until they started the two week training program at this company. These most of these people, along with some of the people who had went to school for CAD, found themselves bored out of their minds. Which is the point of this thread. There are two types of drafters these days: ones that get very bored of CAD and the others that will always be excited about it. A middle group of people who don't care usually is not to be found. If you look at a CAD job as 8 hours in front of a computer, you will no doubt fall in with the first group. But if you look at it as an endless puzzle full of ways to improve, than you will enjoy a career in CAD. My advice would be, if you are shooting for a career in CAD, make sure its something that excites you, or else it could be a very long 8 hours for you.:)

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It probably wasn't that much different back in the manual drafting days.


I have it good. My CAD job requires me to go into the plant on a daily basis to field check drawings of all types. The break in routine is appreciated.

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I do the same. But before, I was in the "stay at your desk" company described earlier. Working in Micro-station with company made commands. I still had fun trying (and succeeding :D) at being one of the highest producing drafters. I was quickly promoted to positions where more freedom was given and then came to the company I currently work for. If you like it enough, fun can be found in any form of drafting!

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