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Reinforcement in Revit Structure 2009

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I just started to work in RS2009 and right now I have a project called reservoir. I have lots of different reinforcement (or rebar) shapes, holders. I must draw a detailed shape draft with all its measures and angles, so the steel factory can bend them. I tried to place rebars in Legends layout, so these shapes wouldn't count in the specifications, but it was not possible.

Is there other way I can make a detailed drafts of these shapes?


Second question is, that these shapes I have, are located in different walls, slabs that are oriented in all ways. I have a problem with adding earlier sketched shape to new walls or foundations, the thing is, that this shape is very flexible, and can take other shape and I even wont notice it. To deal with this i made this shape a as a group, but every time I have a new shape with other "quantity and spacing" values, I have to duplicate and any how I found that in one group the shape have other length than in first one, although group names are the same.


Have anyone worked with the "rebars" and understands what I'm talking about. Good help would be verry appreciated.. it is 0:39 but I'm still in the work trying to fix it, becaus deadline is comeing fast..


Best regards..

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