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Additional programs for AutoCAD and AutoCADLT


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It would be more useful to us if the information was also available in English.


What are the programs? I can guess at a couple but the rest elude me.

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In advance I apologize, transfer by means of the computer.


Skleyka - the printing of big formats on small sheets.

If there is no plotter А1 that by means of the program it is possible automatically prints drawings on А4 or А3. Then it is simple to splice these sheets. Languages - English, Russian (it is possible any - the file lang.ini)


Autoprofil - creation and database maintenance of details and assembly elements. Alternative of (Sheet Sets). Works in AutoCAD LT


REVERS - automatic recognition and batch print of a set of drawings. If there are many drawings in space model. Automatically print all.


REVERS-LT - creates drawing design (frames in accordance with GOST, according to the request any). Works in AutoCAD LT


RAPORT - automatic cleaning of memory.


REFRIVOL - calculation of quantity of the coolant required for stable operation of refrigeration units. Languages - English, Russian (it is possible any)


TECHBRAS - the automatic specification in AutoCAD. Count of quantity of elements, export in Excel, a Word. Official output February 2013.

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